MIAMI ( – Every four years, Florida becomes the crown-jewel of the Presidential election. In 2012, Republicans have to take the state if they have any hope of beating President Barack Obama.

The key to the GOP pulling that off could end up being Florida Senator Marco Rubio, according to a new Suffolk University poll. The poll found that with Rubio on the ticket, a generic Republican could beat Obama 46-41 percent.

If Rubio is out of the mix for the GOP ticket, Obama is tied with Mitt Romney and easily beats the rest of the current GOP crop of candidates.

But, there’s a big caveat to the poll. If President Barack Obama was to add Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as his vice-president, Obama is much less vulnerable.

“In Florida, Marco Rubio is superman, but Hillary Clinton is kryptonite,” David Paleogogos of Suffolk University told CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald.

Rubio has repeatedly said that he has no interest in the vice-presidency in 2012. Clinton has also said she wasn’t interested in running for vice-president or president in the future.

Whether both remain on the sidelines if their party needs them won’t be known until around July 2012.

  1. Charlotte Ellistone says:

    Rubio is what is bad with the Tea Party and the Republican Party in general.

    He lies about his family history, he pulls the most stupid tricks: having the GOP pay for his home repairs, paying for ten rooms in a hotel for his family, and overall he just can’t think very well