MIAMI (CBS4) – A bit of Hollywood came to South Florida recently when Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek attended the first-ever world premiere of a movie at sea, DreamWorks’ 3D animated film “Puss in Boots”, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas in Miami.

“Puss in Boots” is a notorious fighting feline and an outlaw who becomes a hero long before he ever met Shrek.

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For Banderas, the voice behind Puss in Boots, he’s a tiny cat with a huge personality who is part of himself.

“He is actually. We’ve made that character part of my life actually,” Banderas told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

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Some eight years after audiences were first introduced to the charming cat in the “Shrek” films, Banderas has seen his favorite furry feline’s fast rise to fame.

“To use my voice in a country I came to, not even speaking the language and actually the character was a recurring character and then he became big and now from a secondary character he’s become a star, its great!” Antonio exclaimed.

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“I say he stole the show. They had to give him a movie, said Salma Hayek.

Mexican born Salma Hayek joins Puss in Boots in this film as Kitty Softpaws, a street smart cat thief who thinks no one can match her.

“It’s strange. For you, the audience, maybe were not on camera but for me, I am that cat. I take it personal, said Hayek. “When I see her moving, I feel I’m inside of her.”

When asked if Puss in Boots is a hero and a lover, Banderas replied, “Yes, he’s everything you say and more. He’s very loyal, heroic, some kind of an edge, a mystery we don’t know where it comes from. He’s got the wits!” Banderas proudly said.

Hayek said she loves it that cats are breaking all barriers when it comes to equality.

“I think it’s lovely that it took an animal to unify everyone. No one cares if they are coming from South America, China, Russia, they just like them. A cat is a cat,” said Hayek.

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Puss in Boots opens in theatres Friday, October 28th. It’s rated PG.

Lisa Petrillo