MIAMI ( – The Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread worldwide will continue to have a presence in South Florida starting Friday.

Occupy Miami has organized a march on the financial district in Brickell. The organization said the march is “to bring awareness of the corrupt banks and financial institutions of our community.”

Leaving behind their tents, Occupy Miami members marched to the financial district  Friday morning.

Friday afternoon, the Occupy Miami movement gathered at the government center and hold a “meditation mob” in order to “open and calm our minds so that constructive ideas and peaceful solutions have the room to come forward.”

There will also be events on Saturday including what’s being called “Occupalooza Miami” which will feature music, paintings and theater shows.

  1. Philip Scharfy says:

    Our banks and Wall Street are chugging right along with nary a burp — so can anyone tell me what these socialist bootlickers have achieved after a month of protests, other than to garner a lot of free non-judgemental publicityfrom our corrupt liberal media.

    Why aren’t they picketting DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz whi is MARRIED TO A BANKER?

    Why aren’t they pickettting those librul icons,Slick and cHillary Klinton who married Chelsea off to a Wall Street Hedge fund Jackal?

    Why aren’t they picketting the White House, whose current occupant bailed Wall Street out?

    Gee…wonder why.