MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A City of Miami Police officer was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol after allegedly excessively speeding on the Turnpike.

According to the incident report, the FHP officer was traveling southbound on the Turnpike on October 11th at around 6:30 a.m. near mile marker 62 when a marked Miami Police cruiser passed her at a high rate of speed.

“Based on her observation of the driving pattern of the vehicle she conducted a traffic stop and detained the driver to determine why he was driving in that fashion,” said FHP Sgt. Mark Wysocky.

The trooper activated her emergency lights and attempted to pull over the car, but the report claims the car sped ahead weaving in and out of traffic. The trooper noted that at time, the car reached speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.

When the trooper was finally able to pull the car over at mile marker 50.5. She approached the car with her gun drawn and noticed that the driver was a City of Miami police officer in full uniform. The officer, identified as Fausto Lopez, 35, told the trooper that en route to an off-duty detail and he had to be there by 7:00 a.m.

The officer was placed in handcuffs and detained in the back of the FHP cruiser while the trooper investigated. The officer was later released and cited for reckless driving.

City of Miami Police Det. Willie Moreno told CBS4’s Maggie Newland that the case is in the court’s hands right now.

Once the court process is completed, then the department will determine whether there were administrative violations and whether to take action.

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  1. mada says:

    good job FHP, this miami cop should loose his take home car and be suspended w/o pay…

  2. Juses Gonga says:

    compliments to the trooper. that’s a real police officer following the law they way it should be

    1. abootnkiki says:

      she followed the law by breaking the law to catch up to him; and that makes sense???

      1. m says:

        What planet are you from –she was on duty and he was off duty. She is doing her job.

      2. Really??? says:

        Ok, I also happen to be a police officer for the same dept involved in this story. I’m not taking sides but as I am trained to do I look at the facts. Of course most of you just heard or read part of the story and are quick to condemn the “reckless driver”. But don’t get me wrong, was he somewhat reckless? Hmmm, maybe. Was he speeding yes! But where in the video did you observe him going 120mph? I would estimate that when he first went past her he was probably doing somewhere around 100 (which would be considered reckless driving). But to my astonishment it took her more than 5 minutes to finally locate him after he passed her. During this time if anyone was doing 120 it might have been the Trooper. You’ll also notice that during her “pursuit” she was the one who was weaving in and out of traffic. For most of her “high speed pursuit” of the vehicle she no longer had in her sights, she was driving without lights and sirens. And to make matters worse, the roads were wet as you’ll notice she also had her wipers on. So yes, she undoubtedly put herslf and the lives of other drivers at risk just to try and catch up with this “traffic violator”!
        One more note; as police officers we are not allowed to chase at excessive speeds, especially whie endangering others over a traffic infraction.
        Should that cop get written up for speeding? Yes. Should the FHP officer have “chased” the way she did? No!
        What if she was the one to have lost control and killed one of your family members just because she wanted to chase someone down for speeding?

      3. Jean Pier says:

        What are you slow? Officers are allowed to exceed speeds or act in order to neutralize a problem. The FHP was doing her job that most cops don’t do.

      4. Jean Pier says:

        Also to ”Really??” I would rather see a cop attempting to stop a disaster from happening then to see a cop do nothing at all. It could happen in both ways. That Miami Dade cop could of injured someone driving that fast. And if thats so much the case then how come I always get pulled over when speeding over 100 mph. Thats bull!!!! Yall cops stick together all the time and thats why your defending him. All this Police brutality and Police running red lights with no emergency lights activated. Its us citizens that are at risk and the only defense we have is our camera phones. We get tickets all the time yall should too when breaking the law. So i guess drug smugglers could smuggle drugs only if they exceed 100 mph.

    2. Police advice says:

      Each time an officer breaks the law, the relation of citizens and police is damaged. If left unchecked the police illegal actions cause the down fall of justice system. Fortunately, it hasn’t happen here yet.

      1. Really??? says:

        Btw, for those of you who think there is this “blue code”….not here there isn’t! Maybe up north. Police departments and State Attorneys office’s will fire and burn a police officer in a heartbeat if they are proven to have committed any wrong doing. Times have changed, believe me.
        As for you morons who can’t complete one coherent sentence and “wish these officers should die, I suggest you go back to prison and study a bit harder on getting your GED and practice your reading comprehension. Also consider getting some counselling to figure out the root of all this misplaced hate and anger!

      2. Evad Rekcat says:

        Pay attention “Really”

        Any car doing 120 mph could possibly kill someone. I’m just saying…………
        The following happened in Jacksonville, FL………Officer Marcus Kilpatrick was driving an estimated 98 mph when his patrol car struck the truck driven by Matthew Brice Ogden Jr. on Merrill Road Jan. 14, 2009. Ogden, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown through the passenger window of his vehicle and died at the scene. The road has a posted speed limit of 40 mph and near an elementary school. The Jacksonville traffic cop was speeding after a vehicle with excessive window tint when the officer plowed into a pickup truck, killing an 86-year-old man. The officer did not have his emergency lights and siren turned on also.

    3. tony says:

      I know I can’t drive 100+ mph and get away with it. I would consider over 85 mph as reckless, due to the response time needed to avoid an accident if someone else were to change lanes in front of the speeder..
      We all know, these premadonnas are above the laws they are paid to enforce and the laws only apply to us, inferior civilians….
      I’m glad she was heads up and took action. I see excessive speed all the time by Sheriff’s cars here. They’re not running lights or siren. Just speeding, because they can, and we buy the fuel!

  3. Jorge garcia says:

    that fhp officer should get a commendation and the Miami police officer driving the patrol car should be fire. We see it everyday patrol cars speeding or waiving in and out of traffic without their emergency lights on and driving wearing civilian clothes.

  4. UckTheFunions says:

    I love it!! Now I wish we the citizens could report these guys. Maybe they need a How Am I Driving Sticker so we can report them!!

    1. B McLaughlin says:

      I saw 3 Ft. Lauderdale police cars drag racing southbound on US1 at 6am; called FLPD to report it; it was a joke. I may as well have called in a “flying saucer” sighting. “Cover up” is the name of the game. Don’t waste your time.

    2. relax says:

      but how would you know if they’re not responding quickly to a call. Not every call to them is lights and siren? We don’t understand the job they do because we don’t do that job, but we all want to be negitive about cops all the time. people like you hate cops until you need one. your comment makes you sound childish.

      1. hateCorruption says:

        how about you shutup because he said it himself he WAS LATE TO AN OFF DUTY NON LIFE THREATENING OR OF ANY IMPORTANCE to the saftey of the public which he is supposed to enforce which he obviously didnt care about. its people like you supporting them why corruption is so deep seeded.

  5. John Gavenas says:

    So….120 mph, endangering lives because he was late to off-duty work in a government vehicle, and released with a citation. TV announcers said the police stated that when finally stopped he was ‘polite’. Any citizen would have been arrested and taken to jail for the same actions. Officer Lopez should be terminated for reckless driving and wanton disregard for public safety. Police Officers are not above the law, although many certainly act on our roadways as if they are.

    1. abootnkiki says:

      but the trooper didnt endanger lives by following him @ 120mph trying to get him to pull over???

      1. Brian says:

        Really? are you saying that if any random person was going 120+, a cop shouldn’t try to pull them over? Gtfo

      2. Steve says:

        aboot: ‘Reflexive stupidity’, fortunately, isn’t contagious.

      3. Freelance says:

        The trooper didn’t even know if it was a cop behind the wheel.

      4. abootnkiki says:

        wonder what happened to my other comment about no more take home police cars would solve or put a dent in this problem……and steve i would answer but my comment would probably be deleted unlike yours

    2. Tom Pernis says:

      Cops arresting cops for speeding. What else is there going to happen? Did the cop run the tags as she was following the first car to see that it was a cop? I guess she was too busy putting on make-up. Classic way to spen taxpayers dollars.

      1. Phil says:

        Wow, idiot of the day. Thanks for the input, dummie. The first cop endangered lives and made the situation worse by going faster and weaving in and out of cars. I hope he’s fired, but we all know he won’t be.

  6. Nina Suli says:

    take his licesnse away…fine him….let his children suffer the way he made my sister’s family suffer when arrested her husband on bogus charges!

  7. citizen says:

    the cops always drive fast on the way home, and there is nothing anyone can do about it they are untouchable!

    1. Ron says:

      Aparently that State Trooper did not get the memo. I sure she will get some retraining from her fellow officers about following the “code”

      1. Paul says:

        As a State Trooper myself, there is no longer any “code” that you speak of. Personally, if I stop another Law Enforcement Officer I am less likely to give them a break than I would a standard citizen because they should know better. Can’t tell you the countless numbers of Drunk Drivers I’ve had handcuffed in my backseat that were off duty police officers. You can’t let them get by with this behavior because it gives all of us a black eye. Kudos to the FHP.

      2. frank stevens says:

        I would like to see FHP just try— to pull me over in a marked car. Better bring back up. Cause i’ll have mine.

      3. Hammmbone says:

        Paul, your holier than thou attitude sucks. You are telling me you’ve never sped or made a mistake??? More apt to write a police officer??? Ever heard of the word discretion??? Being the police isn’t easy!!! Working two jobs isn’t easy!!! God forbid you are working and a perpetrator ever gets the better of you, but if it happens, you’d better hope Officer Lopez is around, cause I guarantee on or off duty he would HELP YOU defeat that offender!!! If he had to drive 100mph to get there, he would!!! Did he make a mistake??? Yes. Use poor judgement??? Of course. Is he a criminal??? Absolutely not!!! Cuffing him and writing him a ticket doesn’t solve anything. All it does is fuel the separation that exists between members of the same profession. Tell her to quit wasting her time with a guy who patrols the streets to keep others safe. She should look for a dope dealer, robber, burglar, or killer. She caught a speeder, now I feel real safe!!!!!!

      4. Jerry says:

        I congratulate the FHP trooper that had the courage and professionalism to stop the off duty police office. he is not above the law and should be submit to the same rules that we taxpayers are obliged under the law. It is acts like this that restore my faith and thrust on the Police.I know that there a lot of officers out ther that perform their duties and risk their lives everyday to protect us , even though there are some bad apples that try to tarnish their work. THANK YOU!

    2. relax says:

      Always? how do you know that for sure. If you had to take your comment to trial, how would you prove your “always” comment? There’s always taxes and death. Not cops drive home fast.

    3. G4JUSTICE says:

      Wrong, they are not untouchable and its getting easier everyday because of THEIR actions

  8. MARIA says:


  9. abootnkiki says:

    i hope no trooper needs back up in the city of miami anytime soon;good luck with that

    1. james says:

      Obey the law… that’s a rule for all of society not excluding you corrupt police officers! Deport him!

      1. relax says:

        corrupt? whats a corrupt officer? James should change his to Jesus. Rule the world james and make it perfect like you. We’ve been waiting….finally you come.

    2. cp says:

      You Jerk. Obey the law. You are a disgrace human beings for such a comment.

  10. abootnkiki says:

    the only way to solve this problem is to have every agency not take home cars and commute to their station just like every working citizen… take home cars!!less taxpayer $$$$ on fuel and wear and tear on cars…including troopers,no take home cars!!!! it is a sad day in america when one police officer pulls over another one for speeding

  11. Roger Keith says:

    GREAT JOB FHP! Its about time I am proud of local law enforcement for actually doing their job CORRECTLY. That officer should get a commendation.

    To many PD units abuse their take home vehicle privelidges and speed pass the general public all the time. I hope this brings light to the problem and top brass takes corrective measures.

    One last note; to all you Police personnel reading this: Take heed and understand that there are people reporting these violations taking down tags and vehicle numbers. Lots of new video gadgets around as well If this isn’t cool for a general citizen it shouldn’t be ok for you in an issued vehicle that is supposed to be better taken care of since its a “take home.”

    1. dpacheco20 says:

      Verry well put I just hope that they use there heads and that the brass do something about it and soon.

    2. John Fries says:

      I have a list of observed police violations on my cell phone, that way when I can pulled over going 70 in a 55, I can ask why these vehicles were driving 80, 90 mph on the same road without any emergency warning lights on. It might not get me out of a ticket, but I damn sure will use the list when I stand in front of the judge.

      1. scratchee says:

        I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think “He did it too” is a workable defense.

      2. Adolfo says:

        GOOOOOOOOOD luck with the judge…… lol

      3. Paul says:

        Your approach is well and good, but as an officer myself, many times when I am on my way to a call, it’s actually safer for me to run without my lights on because of the idiot drivers on the roadway. Being a Highway Patrolman my calls can sometimes require me to run at 100mph+ to get there, if every ordinary citizen would obey the rules of the road there wouldn’t be a problem but half the time they either: 1) refuse to pull over for my emergency lights (this includes both lanes) or 2) panic, and stop right in the driving lane with oncoming traffic in the other lane that refuses to pull over. When I run without my lights, I can navigate the vehicles better because I don’t have the expectation that they will do what they are supposed to when my lights are on. Are there instances where officers abuse their ability to travel faster than the posted speed limit, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that every individual you encounter is doing that like you are implying.

      4. B McLaughlin says:

        Sounds like an outstanding way to turn a simple speeding ticket into a “contempt of court” jail stay.

    3. Really??? says:

      I don’t deny that many police officers “speed” to and from work. But let me ask you this, do you see anyone obeying the speed limit on Miami highways? Sure, some people do. But where the speed limit is 55 on most highways here, the average person is doing 70! Many times on my way home late at night returning from work in a marked police car, I myself had to do 70 just not to feel ridiculous with all the cars speeding by me. And if you’re thinking, “well why don’t you pull them over”….I’ll never make it home! But I will also admit, 70mph on the highway doesn’t seem excessive to me.

    4. relax says:

      i’m an officer and i agree with you. Most officers don’t abuse anything about their jobs. Most take care of all issued equipment and take homes. Majority of cops do more than the very very small few that don’t. Majority of us don’t mind being taped. A matter of fact, keep watching and taping and you’ll see that the majority of us do what’s right and handle things the way they need to be handle while doing a job that the majoirty can’t do nor handle.

  12. dpacheco20 says:


    1. Poontang Pie says:

      Press the button that’s labeled “Caps Lock” (it should be on the left side of your keyboard).

  13. Tony Montana says:

    you must be a city of Miami employee or a city of Miami police, which I doubt the later since you lack of sense make me think otherwise but then again anything is possible in the City of Miami, so FHP should have let the officer alone because he was traveling at 120 mph and follow him it will be breaking the law too, wow either you stupid or you were born premature and you brains didn’t develop at full capacity. I feel sorry for Miami, no wonder they have a Mayor that looks more like a dictator, Police Officer’s that break the law, and Citizen’s that vote for all those people, and you guys get mad when they call that City Banana Republic..

    1. Tony just talk'n from his says:

      Tony your not too bright yourself kid. There’s no way the officer was doing 120. Maybe 100…maybe. if that officer was doing 120 then the trooper would have to do 140+ to make gain……of course assuming the trooper was doing the SPEED LIMIT. And if she was (and she probably wasn’t) from 60 mph to catch a moving 120 mph vehicle she would have to do 140+. Don’t believe me? do the math…I did……since your so quick to call someone stupid.

  14. GOKIN says:


  15. joe says:

    As a professional law enforcement officer proudly servicing the South Florida community for the past 27 years, I am still astonished by the behavior exhibited by a minority of the law enforcement community. Unfortunately, each department’s professional compliance section that monitors this type of behavior still refuses to acknowledge that this type of behavior is not uncommon, must not be tolerated and dealt with in a swift manner before the public losses all trust for law enforcement. Additionally, the individual who posted that “FHP had better not expect assistance while in the City Of Miami”, I truly hope that you are not a law enforcement officer in the City Of Miami Police Department and if you are, hopefully you will reconsider your brazen statement and quietly leave law enforcement.

    1. hateCorruption says:

      well said 🙂

  16. eric says:

    i was a firefighter for several years and know for a fact it is illegal for the police to exceed the speed limit just like everyone else. the only exception is when they get certain calls and even then there are restrictions. what this cop did was not only extremely hazardous for anyone around him, but st definitely illegal. 50 plus mph over the limit is a jailable offense so how is this guy not in jail, even more scarer… how is this guy still a police officer? i used to video BSO and PBSO speeding, it came in helpful when PBSO set up a speed trap out in front of our neighborhood. i sent a few clips to the sheriff’s secretary and said i’d send that and a whole lot more to the local news stations if the speed trap wasn’t gone within 24 hours. never saw them their again. use your phones and take video, shoot your speedometer and the speeding vehicle without cutting away. get several minutes of video showin the tag, car number, and even he driver if possible. be sure to note the day and time so it can be traced back to a specific driver and repeat when you see another one speeding. send the clps to the sherrif, police chief, and local news stations and this will all stop.

    1. relax says:

      Dont forget to tell them to have their certifications handy. You must be cerified like officers otherwise it’s all for not. the equipment used must be to state standard. cops can’t use their phones to id people or use gps to make a traffic stop to write a ticket. it wouldn’t stand in court. those things can be altered. a citizen using non certified equipment won’t mean much either. noticed how he said WAS a fire fighter for only several years. Was, shoudl we ask why he’s not now or is it obvious?

      1. Jim says:

        Relax, your a trolling fool and you need to relax. Its obvious your a sociopath and your scared that that the blue wall will crumble and the good cops will come and get you. They will..

        Maybe the firefighter is disabled like me…
        I am a disabled former federal law enforcement officer. I did my time even though it wasn’t long enough for me.

  17. Can Say No says:

    About time, they do it all the time!

  18. speedkills says:

    what some people who post in favor of hispanics fail to mention that miami is no longer part of america, it is now considered south america. All cops are law breakers just follow one for a mile or so. Cops are the worst traffic offenders. The fhp trooper should have shot the miami cop for speeding, and ask questions later.

  19. Mike says:

    “send him back” You should be deported for not knowing how to write!

  20. paquito says:

    it is haapen all the time with this corrup cops where is the law? hello

  21. james says:

    Another example of Cubans coming to America and making there own rules. Congradulations to the FHP officer for detaining this corrupt officer. Thank God someone is looking out for the common man because MIami police are getting worse. The entire city has been corrupted by these cuban immigrants from Medicare fraud to cronyism in government.

    1. Hammmbone says:

      James you sound real stupid right about now!!!! Assuming that the PO is Cuban because his last name is Lopez is downright prejudice. Were you wearing a white sheet when you wrote that??? Corruption exists in all levels of government and doesn’t have color you moron!!!! Before there were Cubans in Florida, corruption was everywhere!!!! Didn’t the Bush’s steal the Presidency there??? Wake up and smell the cafe, Latinos are everywhere!!!!

  22. Jen says:

    your comment is a perfect example of how some people in the Police Department try to work law enforcement like organized crime of intimidation and favors. thankfully most people in law enforcement would disagree with you; none of us are above the law.

  23. Richard says:

    we appreciate the article because its very important that all taxpayers are treated equally when they break the law. we expect a quick turnaround time for reporting the news; I wonder why it took over two weeks to determine if this was newsworthy; beware of special treatment.

    1. Jason says:

      The state trooper took steps in the right direction, but they’re hardly able to be considered equal to what would happen if this were a regular ol’ person she was trying to pull over. If I tried to keep driving 120 + with an officer behind me trying to pull me over I would end up being thrown to the ground with a gun pressed against the back of my head. Probably a few knees driven into my spine, too.

    2. tax payer? says:


  24. joesr says:

    Why wasn’t he charged with fleeing? Any of the rest of us would have been. He should be fired and prosecuted.
    @abootnkiki…What is the matter with you? Letting him go only to have this jerkwad kill someone on another 120 mph run is a better idea? You would feel differently if it was a family member of yours hurt by this clown. You can’t see that?

  25. Ihatestupidracistpeople says:

    Did you’re ancestry not arrive here in a boat and took over land that was not theirs, you hick? Are you a Seminole or another type of native individual from South Florida? Then don’t display how much of a hillbilly racist redneck you are. Go and tie down your trailer before the next tornado hits!

  26. mike says:

    State police cars always FLY by me on the interstates. We’re supposed to assume it’s always an emergency…….

    1. Jay says:

      The law in ALL states is that an officer must have emergency lights on, period.

      1. what are you talking about jay says:

        Jay…what law book is your comment from.. I have a law book and I didn’t see the page nor the statute. There’s no such law jay. Perhaps department standard procedures. But it’s not a law jay in all states jay. An officer needing back up may not be an emergency jay, but a quick response may be needed and you don’t need lights for that. Jay, we don’t know a cops job and it’s all time for us to stop acting like we know a cops job.

      2. B McLaughlin says:

        That still doesn’t give ANYONE the right to endanger other people’s lives, especially if all they’re doing is trying to be on time for an “off duty” GIG.

    2. yes says:

      yes.. cause you don’t know otherwise.

  27. Steve says:

    hait: Uh, maybe it is their home town. The Western Hemisphere was populated something on the order of 25000 years before the Europeans ‘discovered’ it. It’s always the same ethnic group making these generalizations – how does that sound?

    1. LAZ says:

      That was Indians (native Americans) not, Spanish-Mexican half-breed mutts that are now swamping this country.

      1. Heather says:

        You are a very disgusting individual. Don’t look to closely into your own family tree, I highly doubt you’re a “pureblood.”

      2. Observer says:

        Spanish-Mexican half-breed? Look who is talking, you are probably is the ultimate mutt which probably don’t even know if you are Irish, German, Swedish, or whatever. You Polish dad probably picked up a ho from Elis Island who was a gipsy that has no country but moved from one Eastern Europe country to another all her life. And here you are calling a Mexican a half breed. They might be a half breed but you are from unknown breed, jerk.

    2. Carl says:

      Acutally your both wrong. Native American Indians and Aztec Indians were the natives here. People with the names Hernandez, Lopez, etc are conquerors from Spain. People with the names Smith and Jones are conquerors from England. So what? The world has always been about conquests since the ancient Greeks. The native Americans had wars with each other. What is important is that you no longer have to worry about a group of people coming over the hill to slaughter your village. Think about the peaceful society you live in with the opportunities available to you that were NOT available to very many people a few hundred years ago.

  28. Christopher Moran says:

    deport him??? how ignorant are you? just because someone has a Hispanic name doesn’t mean they are from another country. the US is home to people of all kinds and if you fail to realize this you are simply out of touch with reality. you should probably read a book for once or lay off the tea-bagging cause you sound like an ignorant, hate-filled lunatic

  29. Ron Karek says:

    They should invalidate any traffic ticket this hypocrite ever wrote… right after they fire him.

    1. relax says:

      what does that fix

  30. Twitter TheJokeWriter says:

    What was his name? Fast-o Lopez??

  31. Breeze says:

    The real question is: why should a public servant who daily risks his life to keep us safe have to work a second job? Anti-Latino sentiment and right-wing immigration politics add nothing constructive to these comments. Considering what we pay cops to risk their lives for us we are lucky to attract the mostly good ones we have. This is one cop who used poor judgment as he rushed to his second job without which he cannot make ends meet. Shame on us.

    1. Law Abiding Citizen says:

      Sorry, the real issue is that nobody, police officers included, should be endangering other people’s lives by driving 120 MPH. The fact that he was going to his second job is a weak argument; totally irrelevant. Let him get there 10 minutes late…

  32. Jay says:

    Here in ATX the cops speed almost nearly EVERYWHERE. They even tailgate me when I’m following the speed limit as though I’m in their way! It’s out of control and I’ve contacted them several times to complain.

    What’s more, our police recently had a BS anti-aggressive driving campaign where they were supposedly cracking down on aggressive driving.


    1. jay jay says:

      jay, how about moving out the way jay. Know the rules of the road jay. your in the way jay.

  33. Gubby says:

    The only cop in America ever to get a ticket. Nice.

  34. rexedie says:

    give people some power and authority and they’ll abuse it ….especially if they aren’t very well educated in the discipline of the job…. i would be interested in knowing the background of the officer arrested… probably one you wouldn’t want to get stopped by….. would abuse anybody he feels control over…

  35. Charles Xaiver says:

    They are getting tired of ticketing regular people. Now they are turning on their own! What a waste of taxpayers time, money, and resources. Just another case of an officers abusing their power. In my book they both put the public in danger. One for speeding, the other for chasing at that rate of speed.

    1. KopsAreNotTops says:

      No, they never get tired of giving tickets to citizens who just mind their own business. Cops are probably the lowest form of life. Too bad they did not have a shoot-out and just killed each other.

      1. Hammmbone says:

        Cops, the lowest form of life???? You ungrateful S.O.B.!!!! You probably don’t go to church either, but when something bad happens you’re saying “oh my God, call the police”!!! Kill each other??? You’re probably a criminal!!!!

  36. MARIA says:


    1. Mike says:

      Is this the only comment you can make? Get a life!!

    2. relax says:

      they pay for them to. Let’s not get carried away. It’s easy to hate cops until you need one. you should worry about your money going to people who can work, but don’t. you should worry about your money going to people having a villiage of kids and collecting monthly checks. Your worried about take home vehicles. Priorities, get them straight lady.

    3. fcorreia says:

      oh i forgot cops don’t pay taxes !!!! get a life

  37. John robertson says:

    Hey trooper.. better not call Miami PD for backup and time soon.. Kind of a brain dead move ..

    1. Jack says:

      That’s right. Pretty brain dead Why should the police be held to the same standards that the taxpaying public is? In the event the trooper ever requires the backup of the Miami PD, nothing less than a correct, professional response should be expected. “Professional courtesy” is completely unprofessional and should be grounds for dismissal.

      1. Hammmbone says:

        Cops pay taxes too!!!!!

  38. John N Florida says:

    By Florida Statute, the operator of the MPD car #1) was subject to the same laws as any other vehicle on the road way.
    The FHP car (#2) was operating under FL Statutes which authorize ‘speeding’ when lights and siren are active.
    The driver of an emergency vehicle operating in emergency mode can only disobey traffic regulations as specified in 316.072 and if he does he must proceed with due regard, and if and only if he displays lights or sirens per 316.126.

  39. brownroses says:

    As a citizen, I feel it was the right thing to do. The law applies equally to everyone. Thank you for the good news.

  40. exaggerated says:

    120 mph isnt that “unsafe” if the driver knows what he/she is doing. people go 120 in europe all the time and yet we have more deaths per 100,000 drivers than Germany.

  41. L.J. says:

    I think the trooper was on a power trip. Everyone saying that the trooper did a great job and blah blah, has no clue what they are talking about. I can guarantee that her fellow troopers did not agree with her actions and within the law enforcement community it makes her look bad.

    As for all the people saying Good job and what not, you will be the same people to sell her out dry if she messes up so please spare me the whole lecture about how she is a good cop, did the right thing, etc. Don’t talk about how the trooper did the right thing because we all know as soon as it is you who is pulled over you hate the police and this story that you commented on will quickly be forgotten.

    This story made all you happy simply because it was a cop getting a ticket and in the back of your mind you enjoy it because at one point you were the one getting a ticket and now that same misery you felt is being dealt to the person who gave you a ticket. Classic.

    Get off your high horse people.

  42. dirty harry says:

    Not the first…won’t be the last.

  43. David says:

    typical behavior from the hall monitor types that seem drawn to State Police departments.

  44. PigsRCops says:

    The new law should be passed instead of the “Move Over Law”. Cops speeding law… that when a cops speeds it’s okay, but when a citizen goes 2 miles over the limit they are given a ticket, and I don’t mean a ticket to the PBA for unlimited drinks.

    1. relax says:

      you can’t get a ticket for two mph over the speed limit. you can’t get a ticket for five miles over. know that your saying before you say it. Your just better of simply saying I Hate cops. that would have come across better. otherwise you just sound like another citizen complaining all the time.

  45. BangBangCoppie says:

    Police are the lowest form of life in the universe. If the cop had a scissor in his car or was reaching for something in his car the FHP trooper would have shot him. Too bad she did not… it would have been a public service, and she would be made the officer of the year.

    1. Hammmbone says:

      You’re an idiot!!!!

  46. TruthTeller says:

    Why are my comments being deleated? I am only speaking the truth about Cubans.

  47. carolinahurricanes says:

    2 thumbs up for the state trooper Yes she is a real police officer following the law she needs a promotion. I have seen some police driving like they have no sense

  48. YourFriendlyCop says:

    i’m a cop and i agree with a previous post…..all of you are happy because a cop got pulled over, handcuffed, and ticketed….simple as that….as for the trooper…she is an idiot….to say the least…..even her commander responded so she can squash it….pathetic….handcuffing another cop in uniform…wow…..she was fired out of monroe for doing the same thing…..she will be fired again soon….that’s for sure….and lastly, i do laser on the pike….troopers blaze by me all the time….and when their driving in their personal cars…..30 over the posted limit…..the same…..i let them go…..because i still follow the code….and will continue to do so….regardless of this loser b***h.

    1. retdet says:

      not many from that school anymore—-respect the tin

    2. Jim says:

      I do not believe you are a police officer. There is no way in hell you would pass the academy in Florida or any other state with 5th grade grammar.

    3. frank says:

      This isn’t Cuba. Obey the LAW!

  49. UnifyOurCommunities says:

    Given the present state of the economy and budget cuts, this really makes me shake my head in shame. This is something that should’ve not happened and above all, should not be on the news. This is something that could have been handled in house by the trooper reporting the officer to the Internal Investigations unit in the City of Miami. It’s bad enough that the public does not believe in law enforcement anymore (that is until the day they have to call 911 and need an officer).

    To approach another officer with a gun drawn is blasphemy. In no way am I condoning what the City of Miami Officer did. But, there is no way that what the trooper did was right. There’s supposed to be a respect and a certain brotherhood between law enforcement entities because you never know what situation one might find themselves in and who your closest ally is.

    The public will be upset because of the “wasted” tax dollars and the bad media…but just remember that these people respond to YOUR emergencies, YOUR cries for help and when the rest of the world can sit out a storm or hide behind a wall, these are the people who are out there working and putting their lives on the line.

    1. fcorreia says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself

  50. yeah says:

    And when she needs some assistance from fellow officers in Miami, she’ll be counting on them to show up to save her bacon. It seems like a little professional courtesy would be in order.

  51. Justin F. says:

    Years ago here in New Jersey, there was a police officer who liked to drink, and would drive home from the bars after getting plastered. This fact was well-known throughout the department, but nothing was ever done because he was a cop.

    Some time later, an officer pulled him over and administered a sobriety test, which he failed. The officer arrested the drunk driver and he spent the night in jail.

    Afterwards, other officers in the department treated him so badly that within a couple of months, the cop who did the right thing and took a drunk driver off the road was forced out of his career.

    While I have the utmost respect for police officers, the unwritten policy of turning the other way when a cop breaks the law needs to go.

    1. fcorreia says:

      Thats how it should be! Glad he’s out of a career !

  52. Mark says:

    What is this world coming to? Police Officers deal with a lot of things on a daily basis. The last thing they need is going after each other for civil infractions which could have been handled differently. I think the FHP Officer handled the situation poorly and foolishly. Ordering a uniformed Officer out of his car at gun point could have ended differently–trust me. Think about it, who do think would be the first to assist if that FHP was getting her ass kicked?

    Stick together Officers; you never know when the shoe will on the other foot.

    1. fcorreia says:

      I agree. This would never happen up north we take care of each other!

  53. bigz says:

    I know in the Tampa Bay area, once there is a chase exceeding 100 mph, they usually call off the chase due to officer safety. FHP prob does not care though, most of them would pull their own mother over……lol

  54. B McLaughlin says:

    I’m shocked whenever I see a police officer OBEYING traffic laws. Lights, sirens, and guns are all they need to do whatever they want. Power corrupts.

  55. hangarcat says:

    re: Really???
    Why would the FHP observing the MPD vehicle being driven suspiciously not suspect it was stolen or hijacked? NO excuse for MPD personnel to behave this way. Maybe he was on the way home from the Clevelander hotel HAHAHA!

  56. Hayabusa boy says:

    If it were me on my busa or any of my boya on their sport bikes, I am sure that cop would have never got us stopped. LOL they got another cop! What a “brotherhood”
    ride like you stole it and peace out!!!!!

  57. Craig Brockman says:

    And this is why FHP has little or no respect from other agencies.

  58. Kenny Griffin says:

    What gives you the right to broadcast the officer’s place of residence? I sincerely hope that the officer chooses to sue Channel 4 News and Gary Nelson. You are therefore placing him and his family in danger. Nelson spoke with the mayou and FHP but didn’t get the full story. No where have you stated that she was ordered by her superiors to discontinue the pursuit. Lets get the facts straight before you publish scurrillous information.

    1. ADMIN says:

      Kenny, the video showed Gary at the officer’s car, parked in the driveway (identifying a police officer lived in the home to anyone driving by) and showed Gary standing at the door. It did NOT show the house address, the street, or even the house in relation to other homes in the neighborhood. It was a car, and a door. If you could explain how this puts the officer in danger, I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.

  59. Unbelievable says:

    Good job FHP,

    Once again you have proven your Officers are among the finest anuses around. You brought discredit to both departmennts. This could have been handled by one phone call to the MPD. What are they teaching you in the Academy?…wow.

    PS. FHP Officers, don’t be in any hurry in or around the City of Miami. You might find yourself walking home.

    1. fcorreia says:

      Thats what I’m talking about! Take care of your own nobody else is! She obviously has a problem with MPD just listen to her comment. “Y’all do this all the time!”

  60. wonder woman says:

    wonder how many times she drove over the speed limit herself.

  61. retdet says:

    Not in my time. We would take care of our own by giving him a new —hole.

  62. steve says:

    The FHP woman should have told the officer, “Welcome to AMERICA”!!!

  63. hwy505 says:

    To my brothers and sisters in blue – remember everything these civilians write – no more discretion, write them all! All Monday morning QB’s. I have let more people go with a verbal than I ever wrote over a thirty-year period. No more – and that especially goes for family and friends of FHP!

    1. Former LEO says:

      Highway505, Thank you for your service, Yes I will admit that you as well as a few others Perform this job with honor and professionalism. I’m sorry that the many knuckleheads have to make a bad name for you few; Stay safe.

  64. fcorreia says:

    The “code” is there for a reason! hopefully he will be on his way to his off duty job again and sees the trooper getting her ass handed to her by a drug dealing bum and just keep driving! MPD keep this story in mind when the troopers come into town to party!! Glad i don’t work for that department not only do you have to watch out for the criminals but you have to keep an eye out for the egotistical troopers! Good Luck MPD

  65. Former LEO says:

    To that Miami Officer defending (Probably his best friend) let me tell you something. I spent 27 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in Virginia. I’m in this God forsaken state because of my wife. If I was caught for doing that I would have been fired right there on that spot. The Law Enforcement in this state is the lowest form of corruption I have ever seen. My fellow Officers are laughing at you down here. God bless the Trooper she did her JOB! That’s more than I’d expect from any of your Sheriff’s or Police.

  66. Surprised says:

    Law Enforcement is like any other job. if your boss receieves a complaint for anything, you are called in and told of the complaint. You get a chance to tell your side. if found you did something wrong you get a warning letter in your file. Like every other job to make a mistake one time its not enough for termination. We all agree he was wrong and the trooper may have other options other than the high speed chase. all patrol cars have numbers and they are assigned to officers. It is not fair to say all officers are bad. We are all humand and do things before we think about it. And when we look back shoundnt have done it. Wrong or write the courts will be the judge now.

  67. John Smith says:

    That female trooper desreves to be fired, Law enforcement are supposed to work together not against each other she is completely wrong for handcuffing a Police Officer in full unfiorm with a marked Police car for a traffic infraction,, she could have notified his boss get his information and forwarded to his supervisor, instead she took it over the top and handcuffed him, are you kidding me?? she took a traffic infraction way over the top, she is clueless and should be taken off patrol, I have total respect for all law enforcement officers but if you guys don’t have respect and protect each other what else do you have, I hope one day she needs help and the same person she pulled over saves her life,, This was really over the top over reaction, big blue you really need to protect each other not destroy each other…