MIAMI – ( – Prosecutors added charges against the University of Miami student involved in a deadly accident in Coral Gables Monday morning.

In addition to a vehicular homicide charge, the state said in court Monday that Ivanna Villanueva would face a DUI manslaughter charge and a felony for allegedly carrying a false driver’s license.

Villanueva’s recently released toxicology report showed that she had nearly triple the legal limit of alcohol in her system at the time of the October 2nd crash that killed a grandmother.

Villanueva was not in court Monday.

Tearful family members for the woman who died in the crash — 68-year-old Eyder Ayala – spoke out after the hearing and said they hoped Villanueva receives the maximum penalty.

Ayala’s daughter Brenda Vasquez said Eyder has been buried in Nicargua and that her family has been through “a tragic, traumatizing and catastrophic event.”

“It’s been difficult in every way. She helped financially with her grandchildren took care of grandchildren and was an amazing mother to all of them and the loss is huge for this family,” said Vasquez. “she was a wonderful woman.”

The accident occurred at the intersection of LeJeune Road and Majorca Avenue. Police say Villanueva was driving at a high rate of speed when she slammed into Ayala’s car.

Ayala, a mother to five and grandmother to seven, died at the scene.

Ayala’s family said they got worried when she didn’t come home from work at the McDonalds at SW 42nd Avenue and 9th Street where she’s worked for more than 20 years as a manager.

Prosecutors revealed during Villanueva’s bond hearing that she was in possession of several fake IDs, which she used to gain entrance to LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

Villanueva, 19, is currently under house arrest and she is allowed to continue to attend classes at the University of Miami pending her trial.

“This is a horrible tragedy all around,” said Villanueva’s attorney David Marcus.  “The Villanueva family offers their deepest sympathies and we’ll go forward from here.  This is a tragic case.”

Ayala’s family has sued Villanueva and her father, saying he is liable for her conduct.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit says she was “speeding, negligent and reckless.”

Comments (18)
  1. Sailfish says:

    Placing a Jack Daniels advertisement above an article about a DUI fatality accident is incredibly irresponsible.

    1. TicttaxText says:

      That is all hispanics are concerned about in Miami is drinking. Please, get off your phones, stop texting and eating while driving. Miami is still in America, you would not know it.

  2. Chucky says:

    Why would you say that, Sailfish?

    Take a look at the effin’ ad’ before extending your knee into a jerk’s reaction.

    Mine says, “Fly straight. Drink responsibly.”

    Well, isn’t that what you want to hear?

  3. Cuba USA says:

    Duh….. how she got into the club?

    Maybe with the fake i.d. I hate f’ng lawyers already looking to spin the blame away.


    i love how instead this being on the case everyone has comments about the advertisement but fails to realize the severity of this case, well if you clearly read the article they found several fake ids on her i actually work for the firm which is representing her its a disturbing and sad story.

    1. CUBA USA says:

      Then please tell the lawyer in charge to leave the club out of it. They were not responsible, neither is the poorly paid doorman who will be fired, to make it go away.

      She didn’t get those id’s that night, so it’s safe to say it’s not the door-mans fault.

      1. SpeedRacer says:

        Really, it is the United State’s fault for letting so many degenerates in the county. Hispanics have destroyed Miami, and make the roads a disaster.

  5. Truth says:

    Why would the lawyers not check into the club? Did the club ID the girl? If you honestly think that clubs in Miami Beach always ID females then you are sadly mistaken. There is no excuse for a club or doorman for that matter not checking or ignoring fake IDs. If the club did what it is supposed to do then there is no issue, but to to say that the club can’t be negligent is irresponsible and naive.

  6. sa says:

    You don’t know the law,
    If you truly work for the law firm representing her then you should be fired for commenting on this post.

    You obviously have some deep envy issues against the majority of those living here. Hispanics! You know the Hispanics that made Miami what it is!!

    I feel for the family that lost their Mom as it is a tragedy that I wich to never face but as the parent of a young adult I have a hard time understanding her father being sued and being held liable. The suit comes only because it was made clear early on that the family is extremely wealthy. The victims lost their Mom but this father lost his daughter! From seeing that the girl is a UM student it shows that the girl although irresponsible in her judement of drinking and driving is more than likely a sound citizen. It would be great to hear more about this girl and if she in the past had any troubles. To blame the father is ridiculous! He is and will continue to pay the price for his daughters lack of judgement. As for the club (Liv) wake up people and see reality! . The ones going to clubs are mostly college students! Fake ID’s have been around and used for years. As a college student in my time (many moons ago) you could buy them easily in the grove at a storefront. In my days though it was only guys that needed them as girls never had a problem getting in.

    1. miaRes says:

      I wouldn’t be so quick to be proud of what Miami is today, go visit the rest of other major cities outside of the 3rd world and then consider your opinion of Miami, besides the weather.

      1. yokolee says:

        What other city?
        post it

    2. yokolee says:

      It was an horrible ACCIDENT!

      people ACCIDENT!

      i did have a fake ID

      And my son crash my car but he was added to the policy
      the problem went to him not me

  7. Lord says:

    Hey speedRacer. This is not about being hispanic, black or white. Because if you can see on the news, you can see the most horrible kills are made by white people not in miami. Are made by racist like you, if it was not for the hispanics miami’s economy would be worst thab what it is. So please shut up.

  8. yokolee says:

    She is 19 yrs old how can they be liable-the parents-.?
    She was doing what every other kid love to do at her age
    get a fake ID to party, the problem was the alcohol…..

    It was very tragic and sad ,but it was an accident~just saying

    1. Crespingatieza says:

      Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. This was no accident. This was vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter.. And not all kids her age get a fake ID to party.
      The registered owner of the car can be held liable regardless of the fact he was not driving. These are the facts.

  9. Curtisy says:

    Completely agree with yokolee. It’s horrible what happened to the Ayala family but it’s sickening that they’re seeking justice in the form of money. Money isn’t going to bring the victim back

  10. Honestly says:

    I agree with you if these people were poor they would not sue them….

  11. An outraged Venezuelan says:

    It is unfair that they try to make the CLUB liable for this or the dad of the girl. Let’s now blame it on Venezuelans , Cubans or whoever lives in Miami and has a lot of money. This simply was an unfortunate event and the girl must take responsibility. I am 23 and I never had a fake ID just waited , because yes I was asked for ID everywhere I attempted to get in. Parents should be checking on their kids but these kids nowadays are all over the clubs and almost everyone has a fake ID . It is sad that this family learned that this family has money and now they are trying to get justice through money. My prayers are with their family but they do not see the damage also for the family of the Villanueva Girl. I hope everything works out for the best. This girl life has change forever and not for good precisely.