MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The feds closed one bank in Florida and two more in Georgia Friday, bring to 83 the number of banks closed in 2011. However, that is far fewer than were closed in 2010, where nearly twice as many US and Florida banks failed.

The FDIC Closed Old Harbor Bank in Clearwater Friday, seizing the available assets in a move expected to cost the FDIC almost $40 million, No depositor will lose money because of the failure.

Two Georgia banks, one in Decatur and another in Jonesboro, also closed Friday.

Last year, 157 banks were closed, the highest number since the 1992 Savings and Loan crisis. In 2009, the FDIC said 140 banks closed.

With Friday’s closure, 12 banks have closed in Florida in 2011, none in South Florida. In 2010, 25 Florida banks were closed by the FDIC, 6 of which were in South Florida.