MIAMI (CBS4) – Just as Apple breaks a record by selling four million iPhone 4S devices in a weekend, there’s news of a security flaw.

Even when you’ve assigned a passcode to lock your phone, anyone could still access practically anything with the new voice command personal assistant called Siri.

CBS4 News spoke with CNET Associate Editor Sharon Vaknin about the problem. A security firm, Sophos, revealed the issue this week and CNET confirmed it.

“By activating Siri, I was able to access my calendar, contacts, addresses, phone numbers, I could send a text message and emails too,” said Vaknin. “You do have to make a decision here. Do you want the convenience of quickly accessing Siri while your phone is locked? Or do you want to protect your personal data?”

Let’s say you’re driving. If you need to respond to a quick text with your voice, you only have to hit one button rather than unlock the phone altogether.

But if you want to protect your data, there’s a quick fix.

“To get to the fix, all you have to do is get to your general settings, the passcode lock settings, then just turn off that Siri option,” said Vaknin.

That’s it, just turn it off. Apple did not make that the default setting. But now you know.

Click Here for more information about how to make your Siri feature more secure.

  1. Yande says:

    Tweak90 sagt:der huhetanterscuipd ist das du bei bada ne sprachgesteuerte Stichwortsuche hast, das Ziel ist aber, dass du wirklich fragen stellen kannst, die quasi mit deinem device unterh lst- die schwirigkeit, es gibt 1000 wege ein und die selbe frage zu stellen, die software muss in jedem fall immer wissen was du von ihr willst. wenn du immer erst den richtigen weg suchen musst is das programm unbrauchbar .

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