SWEETWATER (CBS4) – A bizarre scene at the Dolphin Mall in Sweetwater Thursday night ended with an officer in the hospital and two people’s arrested, one on the side of the eastbound lanes of the State Road 836.

Police say a man and woman had just committed a crime inside the mall. That’s when the pair jumped into a car to get away.

“Security did alert my officer. My officer tried to stop the vehicle,” said Chief Roberto Fulgueira of Sweetwater PD.

The Sweetwater officer was on foot and, police say, the two ran him over with the car. Another nearby officer then fired shots at the car.

The male suspect got out of the car and ran toward the nearby Marriott hotel while the woman stayed in the car and police arrested her.

Police say the man went inside the hotel to use the restroom. Then, police say, he came outside, hid in the bushes, and called for a cab. This cab. They drove off.

“The police coming behind me, they stopped me on the expressway,” said the taxi driver.

Police arrested the man on the 836 expressway near the I-95 South. The cab driver says he never felt threatened.

“No, nothing, nothing,” he said.

It turns out the cab driver had already been tipped off about the suspicious  passenger.

“I don’t know nothing about it. They called me from the hotel saying something happened with this guy,” he said.

Police were able to track the cab’s movement — leading them right to their suspect.

The chief says the police officer who was run over is doing well.