MIAMI ( – A few weeks ago, the alleged new Miami Marlins logo leaked out and when fans saw it, they hated it. Unfortunately for Fish fans, it may be about to get a lot worse.

The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Facebook page has a video of what is purported to be the sculpture that will be in the outfield of the new Marlins stadium. The sculpture will light up if a Marlins player hits a home run.

The animation shows a sculpture that features palm trees, a massive light show, with marlins swirling around the statute. It’s unlike anything baseball, or any sports outside of professional wrestling, has ever seen before.

Click here to see the animation.

It could be a work in progress, but it could also be another step in making the Marlins the laughing stock of professional sports.

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Comments (2)
  1. Johnny Gomez says:

    simply terrible! Its ridiculous

  2. Christena Lundy says:

    Flashy, tacky, beyond Warhol. Come on. It’s Miami. Sedate would send the wrong impression.