PLANTATION (CBS4) – A Plantation Police K-9 officer is in stable but serious condition at Broward General after a frightening head on collision that involved two other cars.

Chopper 4 was over the crash scene at Broward Boulevard and 70th Street just before 4 p.m. Tuesday. In addition to the cruiser, a gold Toyota SUV and a black Toyota Corolla were also involved in the crash.

planation police accident 3 Plantation K 9 Officer, 2 Others Hurt In Head On Collision

(CBS4) Plantation K9 officer injured in cruiser crash. The police dog, stuck in the back seat, appeared to be unhurt.

CBS4’s Carey Codd reported that it appears that the driver of the SUV jumped the median and slammed head on into the officer’s car, which was heading eastbound on Broward Boulevard.

The black Toyota Corolla slammed into the back of the police cruiser.

The impact was so severe, the jaws of life had to be used to extricate the officer, identified as Curtis Hampton, a 25 year veteran on the force. He was reportedly unconscious when he was loaded onto a backboard, but his condition has improved since arriving at the hospital.

“That’s fantastic news,” said Plantation Police Detective Philip Toman.

Plantation Fire Chief Gordon says the driver of the SUV, a woman in her 40s, was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The male driver of the Corolla had minor injuries.

Emergency crews also worked to free Hampton’s police dog, Rudi. The dog was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital for observation but appeared to be ok.

A witness who declined to give her name said the driver of the SUV was moving from one lane to another.

“The lady was driving and skipped the lane and went onto the soft shoulder and hit the cop’s car,” the woman said.

Witnesses and people who work nearby said they heard a loud boom around 3:20 pm. After looking at the wreckage, Victor Demesmin doubted whether anyone would make it out alive.

“When I first seen the accident when I came out I said, there’s no way anybody would survive out of that,” Demesmin told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

People who saw the aftermath of the accident said it was difficult to look at.

“You never know what could happen,” Andre Parra said. “You never know if you’re going back home after work or anything.”

The officer’s K-9 partner was also rescued from the back of the cruiser. The dog appeared unhurt, but was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital for a check up.

All traffic east of the intersection on Broward Boulevard in both directions was closed for several hours from University Avenue east to NW 69th Avenue.

Plantation Police say the officer was heading east and was on duty at the time of the crash. They said he was not on his way to an emergency call.

The cause is still under investigation. The Broward Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol will investigate the crash.

Comments (11)
  1. Luis bonilla says:

    Im sure the officer was probably speeding since they are above the law.

    1. Rhodes-Johnson says:

      right Luis because that explains why the suv is over the median. Not all cops view them self as above the law. No cops are above the law.

    2. Rhodes-Johnson says:

      yea right Luis because that explains why the suv is over the median. Not all cops view them self as above the law. No cops are above the law.

    3. Rhodes-Johnson says:

      That is not right to say. not even close. you cant see the suv ran over the median so how is it the cops fault. There are cops that don’t have an ego like that. You need to be careful of what you say. You don’t know whose that cops family.

    4. Nick says:

      yeah he jumped the median and the cop was in the wrong place at the wrong time. if you feel like you want to be “above the law” like them go to police academy and get a police job. theres no reason to leave a comment such as yours when the police officer is in critical condition and may die. thats one less person that could protect YOU on the street and one less police K-9 handler

    5. lj says:

      keep your ignorant comments to yourself…the officer involved happens to be a nice man. we pray for him..and someone needs to pray for you as well. look where the SUV is..wrong side of the median smarty pants

      1. troy says:

        @lj – do you know who the officer was? Im concerned because one of my friends is a dog handler there, Intitals are CH, can you tell me if it was him??

      2. Meryl Heilberg Jefferson says:

        identified as Curtis Hampton, a 25 year veteran on the force.

  2. Rhodes-Johnson says:

    the cop might have just finished eating his lunch. There is a pizza shop in that plaza and i personally know a lot of k-9 handlers that go there for lunch daily. I pray for all of the victims of this accident. as well as there friends and families. this is a very unfortunate event. It honestly sucks.

  3. troy says:

    Please pray for him and his family, I know this officer very well and he is nothing other than a outstanding individual. He is someone you would want having your back if you were in a bad situation. He has done a lot of great things for people and protected this community for over 20 years. Was close to retirement and now this, please save the nasty comments for someone that deserves them as this guy does not. Please, Please keep him in your prayers, we need him to pull through this. The dog is hurt as well regardless of what the article says, it is in an animal hospital and is injured. These two are out every night making Plantation safe for its residents. I wish nothing but the best for the officer and his family. Support the people that watch over you and your family while you sleep..This was a good person and a great cop.

  4. Erin says:

    Could wearing a kevlar vest have helped the K9 from being seriously injured?

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