HIALEAH (CBS4) – The Hialeah city council approved a $115 million budget late Wednesday night.

The unanimous vote leads to the elimination of 105 firefighting positions in the city.

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“You are going to affect the lives of elderly, children, men and women in this city,” said one resident.

Dozens told the Hialeah city council that lives would be in danger if council members approved the budget.

A young boy took the podium and gave council members a grade.

“If you all were in school, you’d get an ‘F’ in budget,” he told them.

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But even with so much opposition in the council chambers, the vote to layoff firefighters was “yes” across the board.

By Saturday, October 1, 35 firefighter positions will be eliminated. Another 35 will be eliminated on December 1 and 35 more on March 1.

“We have never asked for a raise, we have never asked to raise taxes, and now these individuals are here cutting 105 firefighters from the budget? They have no idea what they’re doing,” said Mario Pico, the president of the firefighters’ union.

Hialeah’s mayor blames the union for the cuts.

This was up to the union. They could have solved this Monday. They could solve this tomorrow! But I will not raise taxes and allow them to keep the benefits they’ve been getting,” said Mayor Carlos Hernandez of Hialeah.

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The mayor says he welcomes further negotiations with the union.