MIAMI (CBS4)—The Queen of Latin Pop, South Florida’s own Gloria Estefan is about to celebrate another milestone. It’s the release of her first English-language album in eight years.

Little Miss Havana, her 24th album overall, goes on sale Tuesday, September 27th.

The album represents the singer’s return to dance music.

“I’m so excited,” said Estefan. “What brought me back was a great idea musically for me. Pharrell came to me with some great ideas. He wanted to work with very Latin sounds and I thought this could be an interesting baby for me and for him”

The first nine songs in “Miss Little Havana,” written or co-written by Pharrell and sprinkled with Spanish, tell the story of a young girl who arrives in Miami from Cuba in search of a new life, and finds her heart broken after she hooks up with the wrong guy. Not her story, said Estefan, whose first and only boyfriend has been her husband, Emilio, the ex-leader of the Sound Machine and producer.

“When I was doing this album I told Pharrell this feels like when I was doing “Primitive Love” and “Let it Loose” – it’s very Miami Sound Machine– if you brought it 25 years into the future,” said Estefan.

Her hubby also produced four songs on the album, which is available exclusively at Target. It is her first in English since 2003’s “Unwrapped.”

The album includes four bonus songs and exclusive access to downloadable content.

The release celebrates her musical roots and embraces a new pop sound that translates into music full of life, love and energy.

The Target deluxe album bonus songs, produced by Emilio Estefan, include: “On,” “Medicine,” Estefan’s version of “Let’s Get Loud,” and “WEPA” — a DJ R3hab remix featuring Pitbull. On the Target album, guests also have exclusive access to downloadable content, including the 25th anniversary remix of Estefan’s hit song “Conga 25.”

Estefan is one of the most notable artists in the world. Billions have heard her unmistakable voice, millions have flocked to her performances and 90 million of her albums have sold worldwide. Estefan exploded onto the pop scene in 1977 as the dynamic front woman of the groundbreaking Miami Sound Machine and later soared to solo-act superstardom.

Comments (5)
  1. gloryhole says:

    Glorida Estefan sucks

  2. BigRed says:

    Gloria sings very badly in Spanish. Now she wants to sing to anglos who can’t stand her. This might be the lowest selling album yet. Americans are used to good music, not horrible spanglish sounding overweight no talents.

  3. LatinDoggie says:

    When my dog farts it sounds better than Gloria’s singing.

  4. MusaIndustrial says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only that thinks Gloria Estefan sucks! Almost all of her songs (including of course those with Miami Sound Machine) are just terrible and offensive to the ears, she never had the dancing abilities of Madonna or Janet Jackson nor the vocal chops of Celine Dion or Whitney Houston in her prime. How could this woman achieve so much, I don’t know. And instead of retiring, she just pulls one more sell-out move by making an album with Pharrel and Putbull. Instead of discovering new talents, she and her talentless hubby just join whoever is in the top of the charts at the moment, even if s/he doesn’t have talent. And did I forget to mention that her father was one of Fulgencio Batista’s bodyguards? Criticizes one dictatorship but completely ignores the one in which her father took part. Talentless and hipocrite; what a mix.

    1. Troll Hater says:

      And what have you done in your life?

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