MIAMI (CBS4) – Several South Florida women recently donated their time, and their bodies, to fight breast cancer.

Among them was CBS4 Entertainment Reporter Lisa Petrillo.  Lisa entertained the idea of wrapping herself in pink ribbon to raise money for breast cancer.

“The ribbon was completely frightening,” said Petrillo. ‘I am not use to being wrapped in a ribbon but I think we came up with a way to hide yet give a little some some.”

Lisa is taking part in the Pink Ribbon Project photo shoot. Photographer Justin Price had the idea to photograph women in pink ribbon sell the pictures and donate the money to Susan G. Komen Foundation.

“It’s is a cause that is near and dear to my heart,” said Price.

His grandmother, Irene Greenberg, survived breast cancer.

“It was a devastating and shocking site to see somebody I looked up to in a hospital bed out down by this awful disease,” said Price.

The exhibit will feature ten influential women of South Florida all featured at the gab studio in Wynwood, the gallery owner is donating this space because his grandmother also survived breast cancer.

“A reminder of her she gave me such a great sense of pride taught me a lot as a kid,” said Bridges Aderhold, Owner of GAB Studios.

The pictures depict every smile showing gratitude for the women who fought and won, like Price’s grandmother.

“It is all about prevention it is all about knowledge and getting the word out here that is what Komen is all about and that is what  this shoot is all about,” said Price.

The women of the Pink Ribbon Project will be on display at GAB Studios in Wynwood on Saturday, October 1. All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.