MIAMI ( – The news late Tuesday afternoon of the Jacksonville Jaguars releasing starting quarterback David Garrard led Miami Dolphins fans to light up social media with pleas for the team to sign the now former Jaguar.

Garrard is 33-years-old and is a ten year veteran in the NFL. He’s been the Jaguars starting quarterback since he overtook Byron Leftwich before the 2007 season.

In his time as Jaguars starting quarterback, Garrard has thrown for 12,460 yards with 71 touchdowns and 41 interceptions. He’s completed better than 60 percent of his passes every season, and is coming off his career high in touchdown passes (23).

Garrard’s teams haven’t won, though that can’t entirely be placed on him. He’s made bad receivers look good in his time as the Jags’ starter as evidenced by his nearly 90 quarterback rating since 2007.

Still, Garrard is 33 and on the decline of his career. The Dolphins seem set to give Chad Henne at least one season in the more quarterback friendly offense of Brian Daboll.

If the Fins dumped Henne for Garrard, it would undercut all of the team’s public statements supporting Henne as the starting quarterback.

Garrard will generate a lot of interest around the league, starting with teams like the Redskins and Bengals.

Whether the Dolphins join the fray will tell everyone just how much faith they have in Henne as the long-term answer at quarterback.

  1. BJ McLaughlin says:

    The LAST thing the Dolphins need is ANOTHER quarterback that’s been picked over from the “Clearance Sale” bin. At this stage, they’ve got to give Henne one more season, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s back to the draft…again.

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