TAMARAC (CBS4) – Tamarac is a good place to kick up your feet at  the end of your career, according to Forbes Magazine.

The publication named the Broward city the 25th best suburb in America to retire.

Forbes names the affordability of homes, weather, and absence of state income tax as the location draw for retirees. It also boasts the proximity to mass transit and the hospital as perks.

One drawback they do list is that the city’s cost of living is 14% higher than the national average.

Tamarac was incorporated in 1963 and encompasses 12 square miles in Broward County. There are approximately 60,000 full time residents.


  1. Jerry Seinfield says:

    City Staff is a bunch of idiots who could not cut it in the private world.

    Too many complaining old farts live there, and they clog the roads and shops