MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Solange Knowles is tweeting mad at the Miami Beach Police Department. According to the R&B singer, she was the victim of discrimination after an officer allegedly pulled a weapon on her for doing “nothing illegal” and now there’s an internal affairs investigation.

The Miami Beach Police Department confirmed Monday that it was investigating an incident which involved Solange Knowles, the younger sister of pop-superstar Beyonce Knowles.

The incident, according to police, took place after Knowles was not allowed inside “Club Cameo” on South Beach Sunday night because she was carrying a five-foot tall inflatable banana. Police claim Knowles got angry and she claimed the reasons she wasn’t allowed in the club were racially motivated.

In a press release, Miami Beach Police Department spokesman Juan Sanchez stated officers who worked off-duty at the club escorted Knowles across the street to “further the conversation, where Ms. Knowles claims one of the officers pulled a “weapon” on her, not a firearm, and threatened to deflate the banana.”

The younger Knowles took to Twitter to express her anger over the incident, which she claimed was the result of “discrimination.”

“I have literally had my last leg with discriminating police! Miami police department will be notified,” she first tweeted. “A police officer just pulled a weapon on me…. I have done NOTHING illegal, against the law, or anything of the sort.”

Knowles’ public rant against the police lasted for nine tweets.

“I’m only tweeting this to raise awareness. I could have left quietly, but I am sick & tired of this scenario being played over & over again,” she wrote. “It is time to do something about it. I am a mother raising a young black child in America. I’m going to die trying!”

In her tweets, Knowles indicated that she had the name of the officer who pulled the weapon and would be filing a formal complaint.

Sanchez confirms Knowles contacted the Miami Beach PD regarding the incident and the Internal Affairs Unit will be contacting her regarding her allegations.

No other information about this incident will be released from Miami Beach PD, said Sanchez, due to the Internal Affairs Investigation.

When Knowles originally tweeted the officer was from Miami, many thought the allegations were against the City of Miami, not Miami Beach.

Cmdr. Delrish Moss, spokesman for the Miami Police Department, clarified Monday in a statement that Miami PD was not involved.

“Over the weekend, the lion’s share of the mainstream and entertainment media reported that the Miami Police Department had a confrontation with Solange Knowles, the sister of Beyonce Knowles of record and movie fame. We have investigated and found that this incident DID NOT occur in our city,” Moss said in a written statement.

Knowles is known for her singing and dancing career and appearances in films such as Johnson Family Vacation. On Sunday night, she did also tweet about her big sister’s surprise pregnancy announcement at MTV’s Video Music Award Show (VMAs).

“One.And.Only. I could not possibly be more proud. Tears in my eyes,” she tweeted.

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  1. brother joe says:

    Hey Solange Knowles-
    Although you are one pretty sister, I think the racially motivated
    card has been pulled out one too many times !
    Being young, pretty, wealthy and sis to Beyonce does not get you
    any special treatment. Grow up !

  2. Melinda Ferrell says:

    I have to agree with brother Joe on this one, grow up, they told you you could not go in the club, so you should have just left like anyone else that has the sense to do so, you are not special to the law therefor should respond and listen then no problem.

    1. caramelmommy23 says:

      was that a five foot tall inflatable banana in her pocket or did she just want to get in the club?

      1. andy carr says:

        You are a funny girl LOL

  3. Jimbo99 says:

    I feel her pain, they wouldn’t let me in either with my 5′ inflatable Solange Knowles doll.

    1. Ct America says:

      you are suppose deflate the doll on the car ride over and then blow it up after you get inside the club. comeon holmes think it thru.

  4. AJ says:

    I live in Miami, and none is allowed to bring inflatable objects with them to a club. same thing would happen to a white girl.

  5. Kimo Sabe says:

    That’s just part of the story..

  6. Kimo Sabe says:

    That’s just part of the story.. What most likely happened is . Ma’am you cannot bring that in with you.Answer why? It’s just a bananna . Well you cannot come in with that… answer @#$%^&* .Look now you are definatly not coming in.Throws the bannana and a tantrum… Step away or I will be forced to take you down… (her version : They didn’t let me in with a 5 foot bannana and used deadly force to make me leave.)

  7. AJ says:

    if that’s exactly the words that came out of your mouth then of course they aren’t gonna respond nicely. I’ve dated a cop for years and the last thing you should do is badmouth. just stay quiet, better yet be nice, and you might even get off the hook. in fact that happens quiet often.
    cops deal with a lot of serious things, so hearing some punk being all smart-ass and disrespectful, will just make them want to teach you a lesson
    you being nice- refreshing to them. you don’t annoy them and you get spared from a hefty ticket.
    just saying 😉

    1. Melissa says:

      A little diplomacy and manners will make things easier for anyone. Some folks just want to do things the hard way I suppose…gives the rest of us something to laugh at.

  8. JapesMacFarland says:

    It wasn’t because you’re skin has more melanin in it, more probably because the 5 foot banana in the nightclub was considered a problem. Isn’t that obvious? what the heck is she talking about??

  9. JapesMacFarland says:

    You wrote: “.. I told the officer with all due respect just write the ticket because I really don’t care to hear what you have to say.”

    Yet cops in general put themselves in harm’s way, to protect strangers, on a daily basis. More times in a week than most of do in a lifetime. This *deserves* the respect of a presumption that he’s also a decent guy. I know it isn’t always true, but when you just assume he’s going to be a jerk, or worse, this reflects badly on you.

  10. John C says:

    So were the police called because the club refused let her in with the inflatable banana, or because she refused to get rid of the banana or leave peacfully?

  11. Big John Studd says:

    ??? I’m confused. You try to bring a 5ft inflatable banana into a club and get upset because a cop says you can’t come in. My first question is why are you bringing a banana into a club in the first place?? That would be a bigger story! Now if you was trying to bring in a 5ft monkey than that may be discrimination,but you probably like them slightly bigger!

  12. Noo Yawkah says:

    Actually you’re the one who sounds like a street punk.

    1. jeb says:

      Actually, he sounds like a little man with a tiny wiener…

  13. Chet says:


  14. Goodgold says:

    Yes, it probably is racist. If it was up to me, it would be racist. I’m sick and tired of having all of these “people” around me with their nose stuck in the air. Wait till 2012 and they can stew in their humiliating defeat.

    1. Princess says:

      C I wanted to say something mean but sooo many racist on here i’ma take her side. what does 2012 have to do with anything. KEEP OBAMA OUTCHA MOUTH!!WE STILL BETTER WE STILL BIGGER WE STILL IT!! SO yo mama didn’t get any attention from the black guy down the street after she used “I voted for obama”as the ice breaker. no more varocose veins.

  15. Citizen X says:

    They threatend the bananna not her so why is she so upset unless she is a bananna right activist.

    1. Laughing Man says:

      Well, she’s one of those damn banana lovers! If she gets her way, they’ll be everywhere! Maybe even dating your sister!

      1. Mark says:

        Apparently she’s a size queen…

  16. Ltpar says:

    When you have no other excuse for poor conduct in public, of course play the race card. Sorry sister, you get no sympathy here. If you want to be treated with respect, conduct yourself accordingly.

  17. GH says:

    This is discrimination, they let me in with my 5 inch banana.

  18. Bored says:

    OOO so sorry princess… no one is impressed with the ‘not so famous’ little sister…

  19. FritZ Von says:

    Her cousin was murdered in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, you’d think she’d want Police officers to be proactive so no other cousins be gettin killed. Then again, look what we’re dealing with.

    1. Laughing Man says:

      To me, it seems the family tree could use a little pruning.

    2. Ugh says:

      That was actually Nicky Minaj fool.

  20. Jim says:

    Did the cop fall for the “banana in the tailpipe” trick?

  21. Smokin my Banana Peels says:

    Newsflash! Cops are racist against all bananas! All bananas must band together in protest! Peel back the layers of discrimination against bananas!

  22. ricardo maxwell says:

    Time to put a stop to the race card being played every five minutes.

  23. ricardo maxwell says:

    Too bad they didn’t Rodney King you. It sounds like you need a good beatin’

  24. Ty Webb says:

    Moon-Crickets being Moon-Crickets.

  25. Jim Davies says:

    This piece of garbage is bragging about being a single mother with a young child….well why the hell was she dragging her ass all over Miami Beach at 2 in the morning? Where was the kid? Not much of a mother. Rather she is some no-talent tramp trying to get noticed.

    1. rexhandsom says:

      She should get her self a nice Green Banana to go Night Clubing with..

    2. Al Schork says:

      Of course shes a single babys mama.She was on her way home to feed the little darling the five foot banana, and stopped by the club to see if babys daddy was there and wanted to make another lil “banana puddin”

  26. Trisha Johnson says:

    Yikes, Solange is one ugly porker! She’d be a good Aunt Ester for the movie remake of S and S.

  27. The Rifleman says:

    Some of the comments are funnier than the story!

  28. glo says:

    There is so much racism in the Miami Beach Police Dept. Look what happened during HIP HOP WEEK. Check out the complaints filed against them this year alone by Black Folk. They should be investigated by the Feds. If she files suit she will win. It is just happening to often to blacks in Miiami and Miami Beach. Police draw their guns far to often on Blacks without provacation and many Blacks are shot and killed unjustifiably. Just do a little research on this matter The facts speak for themselves. Something should be have been done to stop this brutality YESTERDAY!!!
    Incidently, wy don’t you white folks commenting find another site to blast your hate.

    1. JapesMacFarland says:

      The Left’s CONSTANT projecting that there is racism everywhere is actually creating it. Ironically the least racism in the country is where the Left says it is the most; the tea party. How can I say this? There are millions of tea party people, countless thousands of public protests, millions of leftists who would LOVE to catch racists at these events, and near all having cell phones with video and cameras. Yet, after a couple years now, there barely a handful of evidence of racism in the tea party (relative to how many people and events) This is called a statistical anomaly, and actually proves the opposite. The tea party people actually mean it when they say they believe in MLK’s dream of a color-blind society. It is the Left that won’t let this happen, and obsesses about race, gender and class instead of right and wrong, truth, justice for all, freedom first, etc. If you are on the left you have been fooled by years of demonization of the right by the left. Projecting an assumption of evil or stupidity on their opponents is *the* main weapon of the Left and always has been.

    2. Laughing Man says:


      With all due respect, I don’t think that unruly crowd of Martians, that somehow went unnoticed, started it all and then somehow convinced the Popo that it was really the black folks who did it.

      Dude, people throwing rocks, bottles and Paddy O’ Furniture around usually get targeted by the cops. It doesn’t matter what their color is.

      1. Ugh says:

        Anybody with sense knows that racial profiling and racism is STILL very alive in America. Color does matter and you would have to be that color to properly speak on the subject matter. Good day naive sheeple.

  29. Christopher says:

    I have a dream, that one day people off all races may walk freely into fancy nightclubs with a giant banana on their person without fear of prejudice or unjust persecution. Only then will we be truly free. Can I get an amen?

  30. Goodgold says:

    Whoa – now that’s a good one. Sure put betsy in her place. BTW, whte is spelled white, iin is in, period at the end. Grammar terrible. Din’t you get no ejukashun?

  31. GW says:


  32. GL says:


  33. History Knows says:

    First they came for the bananas, but I didn’t speak up because I was not a banana…

  34. Laughing Man says:

    OMG, I fell out of my chair! Funniest thing I’ve seen since Obama’s last TV appearance!

    1. Nick says:

      LOL I will fall out of my chair when Obama wins in 2012! LOL!

  35. DJ says:

    Looks like u got the message though.

  36. Tommy says:

    Hilarious! You go to a club with a banana and you call the security racist. Ummmm.

    1. Laughing Man says:

      I wonder what would have happened if you had walked up to her and *handed* her a banana in a public venue…..

      1. Bluec says:

        Be funnier if during the next show she did she was pelted by the crowd with bananas. Then as shes standing there surrounded by bananas a big bunch of grapes lands on her head.

  37. asaa says:

    Move to Nevada and see what they do to people with the naame Ricarddo..

    You would wish your name was Rodney Smith there.

  38. RICO says:

    I guess some people don’t care about facts. Why don’t you use some of that energy to help enforce the laws against discrimnation whoever its against?
    Do you really believe, Blacks, Hispanics nd Gay Americans are treated equally?

    1. Tarmangani says:

      Yes, blacks, hispanics and gays are treated equally. With each other. And they are most always afforded the benefit of the doubt over everyone else. No matter how rediculous their claims.

      If she had been allowed in the club and something happened to the banana, she would have been looking to those same “descriminating” security officers to punish everyone that she would be ready to blame.

    2. Laughing Man says:

      Sure they are. Everyone hates them. Or at least that’s what you believe…..

  39. Brunilda says:

    The police was doing his job…he saw something did not look right…so h
    stopped her… It is what it is!I am so tired… of people like her.Blaming it on everyone else… How she is raising her child by herself. Getting pregnant was her choice! Be responsible and grow up!

  40. johann says:

    A young mother partying at night with a 5 food banana-could have been all harmless-sounds very weird and creepy to me- I think there is more to this story and would be interested to hear the rest-

  41. SmarterThanLibs says:

    A woman walks into a bar with a 5 foot banana under her arm….

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

  42. BananaRama says:

    How often is an inflatable banana in the news?

    1. Laughing Man says:

      There’s one called Bernanke that’s in the news quite frequently.

  43. BananaBoy says:

    Cops be all RACIST to Banana’s all the times! Cops hate the yellow!

  44. TxVet says:

    If you re-read the story, the officer threatened the banana, not her.

  45. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    So, is this how single black mothers raise their children? They carry inflatable fruit to nightclubs. There was no mention of where her childrens were while she and her banana were being detained by off duty police.

    I am outraged and I demand inflatable fruit justice.

    1. Laughing Man says:

      “inflatable fruit justice” can be found on TV every week. Just watch RuPaul’s “Drag Race”.

      1. Jim Sherer says:

        Tune in often do you?

      2. Laughing Man says:

        Absolutely, Jim. She’s one of my favorite contestants! Love the way you look in drag, BTW, Jim.

  46. Dave says:

    Most women would be perfectly happy with a 1 foot banana. This one seems very difficult to please.

  47. Jim says:

    Headline said that the cop pulled a gun. However, read the article and you’ll read that it was not a gun. Most probably a knife, that was shown to deflate the five foot tall banana.

  48. joe says:

    One look at your grammer and spelling and it’s no wonder the college did not accept you.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      Yet you seem to have missed his point completely. Who’d the genius now, fancy pants! lol 🙂

  49. BPatMan says:

    It’s time for all people of color to stand up for their right to bring inflatable fruits into clubs. I remember the days of Jim Crow when you would see white people with inflatable bananas and worse (e.g., inflatable rutabagas) being admitted into clubs, but the people of color were told “leave your inflatable bananas in the car”! All I can say is “resist, we much. We must, and we will much, about that, be committed.”

  50. Dave from NY says:

    I have to say, as a black man, some people think every time they are told they can’t do something that there’s some racial this case, clearly it was the banana they were discriminating against!
    If she was truly trying to “raise her child” as she stated, she would’ve been home with him instead of out partying. I’m just sayin…false accusations always make it harder for people who’ve had REAL discrimination to have any credibility.

  51. Ron says:

    Very Stupid and racist remark by you. “leave it to the blacks” Actually people like you give reason Solange and other continually play the race card…BECAUSE RACISM STILL EXIST! I am black and I think she was wrong to think she is someone important and can take a banana in the club if she was told know by management…so please stop with that stupid ass comment, as if all black think alike!!

  52. Blythe Dhia says:

    …and leave it to a “non-Black” to post an ignorant comment about an entire race instead of the individual involved. Lourdes The Fool, may you never find yourself in an unflattering situation and have to read derogatory comments about your kind -The Dumb Donkey Pigs.

  53. T N M says:

    These comments are only a snapshot of AmeriKKKA. Plain old racist that continue the tradition generation after generation. Shameful and dangerous to all people and this country, what ignorance!!!!!!!!

  54. Tonya Hamp Washington says:

    How did comments about Solonge’s inflatable banana turn into an Obama assassination?

  55. SMH says:

    Scary! After reading this entire thread it’s amazing that anyone can say racism is a myth. This thread alone is teeming with it! From references to her being a MONKEY because she carried a banana, to negative references out of the blue regarding the president because he’s black, to negative comments referring to her as a baby momma, yet another degrading stereotype associated with black women. The fact of the matter is she was MARRIED to the father of her child and is no longer (like many other women) so she doesn’t have to look for for her “baby daddy”.

    The reference to “pulling the race card”. LOL what is that? Seems another method of refuting the existence of racism. People walk around in this new world smiling to your face and go home and reveal it on the internet at every provided opportunity. People seem to believe that when it’s not overt, it doesn’t exist.

    The fact of the matter is YES she is a privileged celebrity brat.There are plenty of them. But yes this society is racist. It is biased and in a thread that attempted to discredit that point, it proved the very opposite. Good job.

    “These “people”” have spoken

    1. japesmcfarland says:

      SMH, I think some of it has to do with constantly being accused of it in the cultural ether, and so much so that it has become almost tongue in cheek to give them what they want. For example, if you society kept saying you are dumb, you are dumb, you are dumb, you were dumb, over and over and over and over, eventually you might just respond., “DUHHHH!!!”

      The *main* weapon of the Left is to demonize the right, or to reduce them to sub-humans (which racists are) so as to shut up their ideas. Unfortunately a side result of this ugly tactic is that it is perpetuating actual racism. Just a theory…but I still believe that most people could care less about race, and more about a person’s values. This is why liberals (black and white) hate black conservatives so vehemently. (Even Bill Cosby got ostracised for goodness sakes!, lol)

  56. LaToya M. says:

    I’ve been to Beach clubs and some of my friends work at one. It is true that the bars and clubs only allow a certain amount of black people in especially men. I’ve been told this by friends who work there. Sometimes I have to call them when I’m outside and can’t get in mostly because I’m darkskinned black and this is what they told me. But I would say it’s more filling the bar with a mixture of races and not racism but prejudice. The comments on here do prove racism, prejudice, and ignorance. Shame

    1. japesmcfarland says:

      LaToya, I wish those on the Left could understand that the more they keep projecting the presupposition that there is racism everywhere, the more it keeps perpetuating itself and won’t go away. In reality most people could care less about this, but more about a person’s values. This is why the Left hates black conservatives so much, or why Jesse Jackson would never debate Thomas Sowell, for example.
      And if you think about it, there are millions of tea party people, thousands of protests for a couple years now. There are also millions of liberals who would love to catch them in bad behaviour, and near all have cell phones with video. So of course there must be thousands of examples of evidence of racism, right? no. There is so little that it is what’s called a statistical anomaly which in fact *proves* the opposite. These days, the most racist amongst us are on the left, and it is despicable.
      BTW, here’s a recent example. Are you offended that the left says that requiring an ID to vote is inherently racist? Doesn’t this imply that they think black people have more trouble getting an id than other people?