FORT LAUDERDALE ( – A joint drug operation with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, DEA, and several law enforcement agencies netted more than 200 arrests as of Friday night.

The drug operation targeted narcotics sales, prostitution, fugitive warrant sweeps, parcel interdiction and countless other charges.

“The priority of law enforcement, regardless of the agency, is to keep our neighborhoods safe and to put those who break the law behind bars,” Sheriff Al Lamberti said. “This successful operation showed that we can achieve those goals when we team up to combat crime.”

The arrests weren’t the only part of the operation. The massive sweep pulled in number illegal weapons, drugs, and thousands of dollars that were used in other crimes, according to the BSO.

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  1. yokolee says:

    Legalize medical marijuana is very good for cancer pain

    200 people in Miami
    is like a drop of water in the ocean…..

    1. Negativity is ugly says:

      Return to your cave dreary Dan the sun is still out.

  2. Dany says:

    I would believe them, if they say that because they want money, they want overtime, not because they want to take drugs out the street, not because they care about our community, is all a bunch of bull. What they want is the overtime, chief police of fort lauderdale make over $100,000 only in overtime, they need those arrest to get paid. They need criminal for them to have a job, no criminal. nO criminal field. I hate this force we have in south Florida, is corrupted, is ugly, we need to chance this n make our place clean from criminal n criminal officer.