MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) – A fifth person has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Brinks guard Sunday during an ambush robbery outside of Calder Casino and Race Course in Miami Gardens.

The FBI said all of the arrests were made by the South Florida Violent Crimes Task Force. Those taken into custody were Vladimir Louissant, 25; Victoria Barkley, 26; Byron Kyler, 23 and 26-year old Reginald Miller. All of four live in Miami Gardens. The identity of the fifth suspect has not be revealed.

The robbery occurred late Sunday afternoon.

“Just before five, the suspect gets out of the truck he goes to a bench and sits there. He waits until the armored car guard carrying some money leaves Calder,” said FBI Special Agent Mark Leverock.

Race tracks often have large amounts of cash on hand depending on the day’s betting handle, and armored car pickups are part of the routine.

When the guard left the building, Leverock said he was attacked from behind by the man on the bench. There was an exchange of gunfire, and the Brinks guard was hit by bullets. The guard fell to the ground, and by the time his co-worker was able to get out of the truck, the gunman had fled.

The guard was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center, where he later died of his injuries. The FBI has not identified which of those arrested they believe was the gunman.

After the robbery, the armed robbers sped off in a tan truck which was later found at the nearby El Palacio Hotel. Investigators believe this was no crime of opportunity.

“The stolen truck was brought here, somebody gets on a bench and approaches the guard, yes that was planned,” said FBI spokesman Mike Leverock.

Investigators believe the robbers followed the Brinks truck from a Walmart parking lot near Sun Life Stadium. Surveillance tape from the Walmart shows the car which dropped them off at the Walmart where the two robbers stole the truck they used as a getaway vehicle.

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  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Man, why would anybody want to buck the odds on holding up an armored truck today with all the surveliance & electronic widgets to track the perps? These idiots watched the movie TOWN” to much & forgot thtat it was a movie. Duhhhh.

  2. Judge Judy says:

    Miami Gardens Huh ? I would have never guessed .

  3. Cell Tharapy says:

    Electric chair in tandem.

  4. theheraldisfullofit says:

    Sure, lets pay the cops less. Take their pay DESTROY ALL UNIONS AND TAKE THEIR PAY!!!!!! Tha what miami needs, less cops to protect hard working citizens…

    1. Dany says:

      We need good cop, not corrupted, plus everytime something like this happen the FBI take over, what are you talkin about we need more cop to protect citizen? You don’t see every week a new cop kill someone, we need honest n good police officer, not the one we got in Miami. Just look at their faces, look at who hired all this cops in Miami, a Cuban spy, FIU teacher, and those are the police officer we have protecting us? Regalado needs to clean this mess!

  5. barnaclebill says:

    Miami Gardens, say no more.

  6. Baby girl says:

    cell – Shut up they should serve the time that is needed.I just dont get how kids with clean backgrounds goes to something this bad!