SW MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – With a hurricane churning to our east and South Florida in the center of the cone, some South Floridians spent Sunday stocking up on supplies – just in case.

Many, like James Mendez, said at this time of the year, with a storm on the horizon, they think back to the big ones over the years like Hurricane Andrew and Wilma.

“There’s the whole memories thing going on, you know, I slept through it, but everyone else is surprised that I slept through it,” said Mendez who was shopping at a Home Depot in southwest Miami-Dade.

“In Andrew, my wife was 20 weeks pregnant, we were in our house, we had a colonial style home, the entire front gable was gone including the pillars,” said Daniel Czerwinski who spent part of Sunday afternoon buying supplies.

“We just moved into the house we’re in, so we checked the shutters,” said Lizeth Caldera.

Dwayne Chappell, an assistant manager at a Home Depot in Pinecrest, said he’s seen a 20% to 30% increase in business as people come in for supplies.

“We have basically everything that they need. Propane, charcoal, coolers, lighters, flashlights, batteries,” said Chappel. “We’ve been very busy today and we’ve been selling a lot of hurricane equipment.”

Czerwinski said he learned his lesson last time about preparing for the worst.

“We overhauled our generator so it runs better, double checked our shutters, we have a plentiful supply of water, we’re good,” said Czerwinski.