MIAMI (CBS4) – If you’ve been getting a lot of itchy bumps on your legs, your smelly feet may be to blame.

A Dutch researcher found that mosquitoes use foot odors to guide them to the best biting places.

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The Remco Suer report states that Mosquitoes might somehow be attracted to the bacteria in your sweat soaked feet and that finding a way to isolate these odors could reduce their nuisance and even slow the spread of disease.

The findings are especially important in places like South Florida, who’s incessant rain during the summer makes any standing water a haven for skeeters.

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“The mosquitoes are terrible,” said Carlos Santa Maria, a camp counselor at Coconut Grove’s Kennedy Park.

CBS4’s Cynthia Demos spoke to some local podiatrists who say the reason they smell is because they sweat. So if you can cut down on the sweat, you can cut back on the problem.

First, wash your feet well.  You can use an anti-perspirant to cut back on the sweat or any powder will do, especially those made for foot odor. Doctors say if they over the counter remedies don’t work you can get something like Drysol, prescription medication for excessive sweating.

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“I’ll take advantage and powder next time,” said Santa Maria.