CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – One South Florida woman is turning one of the most devastating times in her life to something positive and uplifting for other women.

Coral Springs resident Rhonda Smith made health and wellness a number one priority after being diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago.

“I really reprioritized things in my life,” said Smith.

To do that, Smith quit her Fortune 500 job and founded “Breast Cancer Partner”, which organizes yoga experiences for breast cancer survivors.

“Breast Cancer Partner is about finding a more holistic approach to recovery,” said Smith.

The American Cancer Society recommends 30 to 45 min of exercise five days a week, and yoga has specific benefits for survivors, specifically reducing stress which is essential for recovery.

“Breast Cancer Partner” is holding it’s first event “Recover, Restore, Reenergize Yoga Experience” on Miami Beach on August 13.


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