HOLLYWOOD (CBS4)-Hollywood residents Grant and Sandra Einhorn were back in court Thursday in the lawsuit against their neighbors to remove chickens from the neighbors’ yard, which they say are a nuisance.

The court proceedings are in their second day and the Einhorns are hoping a judge will rule in their favor and force their neighbors, Rene and Steve Kohn, to remove their chickens.

In court Thursday, Sandra Einhorn testified that besides the chickens, the Kohns have been harassing her and her husband.

“It’s the neighbors looking over the fence and bragging about the fact that they can see into my bedroom window,” she said. “Sending emails depicting a man and a woman laying in their bed, things being thrown at my house, congregating in front of my house, being loud enough to where I would assume they want me to come outside and see them out there and them knowing when I’m home alone

Back in June, Grant Einhorn told CBS4 that the chickens are noisy and wake them up.

“It’s squawking and it’s at sunrise, sometimes, prior to,” Grant Einhorn said.

Sandra Einhorn said the chickens are loud, smelly and giving them no peace.

“The worst part is the noise, it’s just loud and we don’t like being woken up by chickens,” said Sandra Einhorn in June. “Just the pitch of it and the fact you can hear it through the hurricane windows, it’s irritating.”

The Kohns have more than a dozen chickens at their house in the upscale Emerald Hills section of Hollywood.

Hollywood does have ordinance prohibiting residents from having poultry at their homes and the Kohns are being fined $250 a day for the violation.

But Steve Kohn said his chickens are pets and that his family is often misunderstood because they are Arab Jews. The Kohns said they have a right to raise the chickens as pets

Sandra Einhorn said she even video taped the incidents outside her home.

The trial is expected to conclude Thursday, but the judge may not make an immediate ruling, CBS4’s Joan Murray reported.

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  1. Lourdes Girau says:

    What a pathetic fool. If chickens awake you … please don’t have any kids.

    1. yokolee says:


      what if it were a barking dog?

      1. Carol says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more I can’t imagine clogging up the courts with this seeing how Hollywood has problems that are huge.

        Illegal is illegal no matter what and that alone should be enough for the chickens to be collected and sent to a farm somewhere.

      2. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

        dogs bark at 90 decibels, chickens cannot exceed 74..

      3. Snookie says:

        Lord, I’ve never heard a chicken bark! However, I will tell you that when a Rooster crows, it’s a hell of a lot louder than 74 decibels. Do you ever check a fact, Yoko?

    2. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

      You hit the nail on the head. This has nothing to do with chickens. It is all about a man who doesn’t want children because our kids and their pets make so much noise that it scares him. His wife needs a scapegoat and that is why she called CPS and tried to have our kids taken away.

      You will note that out of all of the neighbors (34 houses on our block and behind us), the only ONE neighbor was willing to testify that chickens make noise.

      To be quite honest, I think that the scratching Sue Shipman hears at night might have more to do with the rats that can be seen running in and out of her fascia than roosting chickens.

      Lenora Chuchla lives 3 blocks away and is well known for reporting every Orthodox Jewish family who moves in to her buddies in Code Enforcement.

      I feel sad for her that she is so upset that the neighborhood is changing and become more diverse. I also feel sad for her that she does not realize that these 40 year old houses are no longer “upscale”. In fact Emerald Hills houses are selling, on average at $260k which is only slightly higher than the median housing price for South Florida.

      When people spend their lives doing nothing but obsessing over money, when they retire they are never happy or satisfied with what they have because they will never have enough.

      Better to put your energy into family, friends and the community, things that really matter in the end.

      If there is any message in this saga, I believe that is it.

  2. Chucky says:

    Uh, not exactly, Girau.

    If you want to live in the U.S., and in a cosmopolitan neighborhood, you play by the rules. You try to be a good neighbor, do the right thing; be what is referred to as a good American.

    No farm animals in the neighborhood, You want chickens, you can have chickens…out on the farm.

    The Kohns are way out-of-line on this. That’s why they’re being fined. I saw they’re antics on the tele’; some very austere mentality there.

    Kids…? I don’t know why you have them in here. Kids aren’t part of the equation.

    1. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

      The Federal gov’t has filed a Fair Housing complaint against the City of Hollywood due to their racially motivated arbitrary enforcement of the ordinance under which we were cited.

      The city allows plenty of people to keep both fowl and poultry in Hollywood, in one case a guy was raising squab commercially and had hundreds of birds in his Hollywood Hills yard. Gardner received complaints, inspected and told him to clean up the feces, NOT to get rid of the poultry.

      It is clear from public records that the alleged “ordinance” against keeping fowl or poultry only applies to minorities.

      I would be happy to email you a copy of the Federal complaint if you message me.

  3. Chucky says:

    their antics, not they’re antics..

    My bad…

  4. Jane Doe says:

    This is just another example of people who use religion to try to get what they want. If they truly followed their faith they would not be acting in the manner they are towards their neighbors.

    1. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

      no one is using religion to get what they want. There are laws in this country and one of them is “equal enforcement”.

      The city of Hollywood lets plenty of people keep fowl and poultry in the residential neighborhood. Just not minorities.

  5. abootnkiki says:

    must be nice to have money to throw away @ 250 a day to keep chickens on your property,thats crazy,with that money they can buy the farm.big difference between kids and chickens unless u r referring to your own kids which u probably raise like chickens therefore your comment would apply

    1. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

      The fine is not enforceable on a Florida Homestead. If I had that kind of money I would not have moved from a magnificent house on a gated Miami Beach island to Hollywood. BELIEVE ME!!

      And BTW, HUD filed a Fair Housing complaint against the City of Hollywood for their arbitrary and racially motivated enforcement of the ordinance. IF keeping chickens was against any ordinance in the City of Hollywood, the Federal Gov;t would not be prosecuting city officials.

  6. yokolee says:

    Well behaved pigs make wondeful pets
    and i’m not taking about cops

    1. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

      yes they do. The ordinance permits “dogs and other small domestic animals to be kept as pets”. The ordinance is against slaughterhouses, not keeping pets.

      That is why the Federal Gov’t has gotten involved and filed a complaint against city officials.

  7. Carol says:

    This is sad to thing the courts are being clogged up with illegal act the law should just go out there and collect the chickens and take to a farm somewhere where they belong and stop with this because Florida doesn’t have the money for this and that is a fact.

  8. jaicythe says:

    One or two chickens are pets, twelve are a flock. The law says no poultry raising in that area. Seems clear cut to me. They need to remove the chickens. If you lived next door to the noise, smell and annoyance of chickens you wouldn’t tolerate it either. I grew up on a farm. Chickens DO NOT belong in a residential setting. I hope the family sues them for the loss of their property value as well. The market is down, houses are for sale everywhere. Would you buy a house with a flock of chickens next door when so many other normal (chicken free neighbors) houses are for sale. As for the harrassment, they should film it and sue for that. AND….what does being ARAB or JEWISH have to do with anything? A bad, law breaking neighbor is just that, no matter race or religion. I’d like to see an ARAB or JEWISH group comment on the inappropriateness of the family hiding behind race and religion to justify bad behavior. If a flock of chickens is so necessary they should move to the country and stop inflicting their stone age behavior on neighbors. AND YES, CHICKENS ARE VERY ANNOYING, SMELLY AND MESSY. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE BEING UNABLE TO MAINTAIN ANY KIND OF A REASONABLE SLEEP SCHEDULE FOREVER? CHICKENS DO THAT WHEN IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO HOUSES. Perhaps the neighborhood should have a big chicken barbecue.

  9. alicia4739 says:

    HUD filed a Fair Housing complaint against the city of Hollywood for this.

  10. Chet says:


    1. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

      Yes, that is it. My family is from a 3rd world country. That is 100% it.

      Thank you for pointing that out.

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