COCONUT GROVE (CBS4) – You might have seen him anywhere on South Beach or in Coconut Grove and wondered, what is that biker wearing? Or not wearing? There are times when people in neighborhoods stand out and become a fixture in the area.

You may remember the Naked Cowboy in Times Square or Mr. Clucky on Miami Beach. Well, now the nearly naked biker is turning heads.

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CBS4’s Cynthia Demos caught up with the mystery man on her own bike and rode alongside him, noticing people walking by staring and pointing at him.

Demos got their opinion of the nearly naked biker.

“It’s not attractive,” said a walker. “There could be children around.”

The biker, Armando “AJ” Sardinia, rides in a thong or Brazilian cut bikini, but why?

“It’s all about freedom,” Sardinia said, “It’s all about what you want to do. Expression of yourself! This is Miami. Where else can you ride if it’s not Miami? Look at the weather!”

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Ok, so the 56 year old likes the sun, a lot. But who is he? His scars tell the story. He donated his kidney to his brother, that was before he had quadruple bypass surgery and found out his three year old granddaughter had a brain tumor. He said life is too short to not be you.

So, what does he want people to know?

“That I’m a very simple guy,” said Sardinia. “I don’t bother anybody. I do my own thing.”

For a living, he works with law officials collecting bodies and bringing them to the funeral home. So when he can catch a break, he does.

So, after we explained to the disapproving walker who this man was and why he does what he does, we asked her if next time she saw him would she point or wave? She said she would definitely give him a wave.

Sardinia says he hopes his carefree attitude will spread and the people who to give him odd looks will now give him smiles.

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“This is what I choose. Some people like tattoos some people like piercings,” said Sardinia. “I like to ride in the buff.”