MIAMI (CBS4) – As she recovers, the man allegedly who put Kitzie Nicanor in her hospital bed at Jackson Memorial Hospital is out on bond.

Nicanor was on visiting South Florida when she made the fateful decision to go for a walk on Miami Beach.

“I came here on vacation to visit my parents I was out but was I doing something stupid? No, I was just going for a walk,” said Nicanor.

Police say while she was on the shoreline, Nicanor and her friend Luis Almonte, 29, were hit by an all-terrain vehicle, driven by on-duty Miami Beach Police officer Derik Kulian.

Kulian had allegedly been drinking and partying along with fellow officer Rolando Gutierrez at a bachelorette party at the Clevelander Hotel before Kulian got behind the wheel of the ATV with a female passenger. He and Gutierrez were later fired from the department over the incident.

The accident left Nicanor with a perforated heart, broken femur, and a spleen so badly damaged, it had to be removed. Almonte also reportedly suffered a broken femur.

“I am suffering.  I have a child. I’m supposed to be on vacation,” said Nicanor.

Kulian turned himself into Miami Beach Tuesday and was charged with four third-degree felony counts, including DUI with serious injury. Each count could mean up to five years behind bars. He was released hours later on bond.

“I wake up every day crying because I can’t see my son while they are out having a good time because they have bail,” cried Nicanor.

Nicanor is recalling the events from that night because she has just regained her memory. Her only wish is to be reunited with her one year old son, whom she has not seen since the accident on July 3rd.

“Every day I miss my son I been away because I’m locked up in a room I don’t deserve to be in,” said Nicanor.

Comments (6)
  1. abootnkiki says:

    a 1yr old son and you were out for a walk @ 5am without him; and now you are crying you cant see your son!!!

  2. AH says:

    Fcking idiot! Her son wasn’t on vacation w her. And its a true blessing he wasn’t.

    1. abootnkiki says:

      i’m the idiot? im not laid up in a hospital bed,its not me that didnt see the atv not the one who left my 1yr old with someone to take care of the child while i was hanging out having a good time.

      1. ileanaC says:

        Every day I am amazed by the people like you that do no have any common sense. If you are on vacation, are you going to spend it indoors like you do every day of your life? If you go for a walk are you supposed know that an ATV driven by someone under the influence of alcohol is going to hit you? Come on, see the ATV coming? Are you kidding me? By the way, it sounds to me like you know theses cops and you’re trying to make them the victims here! Grow up and see things for what they are.

  3. Jackie says:

    She definately knows the cops with those bias remarks. Yes, if you have a 1 year olf you should be home with your child in bed — thats why you had a kid; not to leave him with a babysitter.
    But theres no way she would have seen or even been able to get out of the path of an irresposible, drunk, good for nothing cop on an ATV – Lets face it, hes probably just another highschool graduate that was able to get into the academy – no college education. Just an easy way into the tax payers pocket & the night scene all in one!!

  4. AH says:

    She may not have seen the ATV coming but your cop friends definitely see the prision time coming…too bad it wasn’t you in their path. I mean, its not like you would have gotten injured, you would have seen the ATV coming, right?!?! And by the way, the cop turned off the headlights on the ATV. Yea, she definitely should have been more careful…right???…NOT!!! MORON!!!