FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Several stars of the popular TLC reality show “Police Women of Broward County” and are at the center of a legal battle.

Seven arrests deputies Andrea Penoyer, Julie Bowers and Erika Huerta made on the show are now under question.

All seven suspects are being represented by the public defender’s office. “Law enforcement should not have a producer dictate their function as a police officer,” said attorney Gordon Weekes Jr.

Kevin Wallace is one of the seven people arrested and is being represented by Weekes. Deputy Penoyer picked him up for allegedly selling cocaine. Penoyer is the principal witness in
that case.

Weekes is challenging the arrest saying Deputy Penoyer’s motives for making that arrest play a role in defending his client. And the only way to know her motives is to take a look at her reality show “talent” contract.

“Most entertainment contracts are incentivized. Mixing that with police function? That’s a problem,” said Weekes.

Weekes has subpoenaed Penoyer’s “talent” contract but the attorney for the producers claims that protecting trade secrets trumps what the attorney may find to help his client.

Weekes filed a motion asking the State Attorney’s Office and the Broward Sheriff’s Office for the contract accusing them of violating due process.

Not so, says Mila Schwartzreich, assistant legal counsel for BSO.

“Activities of the ‘Police Officers of Broward County’ when it occurs on duty, that contract that governs between sheriff’s office and the production company, that contract
was turned over about a year ago,” said Schwartzreich.

All parties are expected back in court on Monday to discuss with the judge if the “talent” contract will have to be turned over.

Comments (3)
  1. Lilly Bart says:

    OF COURSE Mr. Weeks is interested in this case. There is a good chance of him getting his name and\or photo in the paper! What a blatant publicity hound.

  2. miami contract attorney says:

    It seems to be a fame-hungry . This marks everyone and caught him in a inappropriate attraction . agree with Lilly” What a blatant publicity hound.”

  3. Charlie B. says:

    A defense attorney would try to create a ridiculous theory on why his drug dealing client should be back on the streets and receive no accountability for his actions?! Is that even ethical?