CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. ( – A Coral Springs father has been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse after he tried to remove his son’s cast with a 10-inch circular saw.

When Lawrence Roberts, 33, tried to remove the cast Sunday, he ended up cutting off more than the cast.

Roberts cut off the top of his son’s right thumb, the middle of his right index finger and left a 3-inch long cut in the web of the hand between the right thumb and index finger, according to Coral Springs Police.

Under police questioning, Roberts admitted to using the saw and said the saw is usually used to cut work materials at Roberts’ job in construction.

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  1. Carol says:

    What is going on in this town eveything seems to be UPSIDE DOWN and so scarey and that is a fact.

  2. greg says:

    as the economic situation worsens; it seems to create more insane incidents.

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      Let me get this straight: now we’re blaming “THE ECONOMY” for peoples’ STUPIDITY. I’m shocked that George Bush wasn’t included as an accomplice.

      1. PinkiePie says:

        Don’t you know? George Bush was the one who told him it was a good idea in the first place! Bush stood behind the father with a thumbs up the whole time.

        “Eh heh heh heh… this’ll do it for sure”

      2. BJ McLaughlin says:

        Pinkie: Good One!! “Thumbs up”. Get it. I wish I’d thought of that.

  3. June Docher says:

    it just how high medical cost make you try dumb –it. Im sure that father did not means to cut his son fingers, the crooks is the government (republician) they needs to be the mothers being charged. dam shame making a father go through such measures

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      That’s one of the most ignorant statements ever made. However, it’s not at all surprising, considering the kindergarten level spelling and grammar.

      1. AJ says:

        Yeah I’m guessing it’s all George Bush’s fault as to why this happened…

  4. Bubbawubba Gump says:

    what a putz! this guy has the brains of a houseplant. domingo, were you out smoking crack with this idiot? how else would you know why he’s a moron?

  5. Kris Fiddelke says:

    Are any human beings being born with brains anymore? or are some Aliens taking them away. How very awful. Prayers the boy recovers soon.

  6. mija says:

    I can’t imagine how frightened that child was! All for what? Save a few dollars at the doctors office? This man is very lucky he didn’t hit an artery and and make his child bleed out and die. Moron.

    1. Bianca says:

      a few dollars? if you don’t have insurance try a few hundred dollars.

      1. BJ McLaughlin says:

        Oh, a few HUNDRED dollars. Well that changes EVERYTHING. Certainly a few HUNDRED dollars justifies using a CIRCULAR SAW on your SON’S HAND. What a bunch of brainless inbreds. Geez.

      2. Joe says:

        @BJ McLaughlin While this man’s actions were indeed moronic, OBVIOUSLY this was a result of the man’s financial problems. NO ONE in their right mind would refuse free hospital treatment. A few hundred dollars may not seem too much for some, but for others with no jobs and piling debt, it can easily be a life changer. This man may have made a dumb choice as the risk severely outweighs the benefit, but it would be wise to keep in mind the context.

        By the way, good job resorting to insults to make your points. It really demonstrates your ability to argue your points.

      3. BJ McLaughlin says:

        Hey Joe,
        First of all, thank you for your appreciation of my sarcasm. Not everyone gets it. Secondly, there’s nothing OBVIOUS here with the exception of this man’s lack of intelligence. Every public assistance parasite and illegal alien in this country invades emergency rooms daily at the first sign of a sniffle, paying NOTHING, and leaving the bill to the real taxpayers. This idiot could have done the same thing. This guy should be locked up, if only for (his family’s) and his own safety. He’s a menace.

  7. demoncat4 says:

    omg the kid should be lucky the father only wound up cutting off part of the fingers and some of the webbing between them for given the dads malfunction for thinking he would use a chain saw to cut off a cast instead of maybe letting the docs do it. the kid is lucky he did not lose more then his finger parts for who in their right mind uses a circular saw on a cast. the kid is now going to have to deal with his arm having to take more time to heal not to mention is proably traumitized now.

  8. yokole says:

    Good intention bad idea

  9. BJ McLaughlin says:

    You need a license in this country to CUT HAIR, but any imbecile can (and unfortunately do) breed, usually in great numbers. I’m not a big fan of government intervention in peoples’ private lives, but there are just way too many stupid, incompetent, and negligent people bringing poor innocent children into the world, who ultimately repeat the same patterns of behavior. Maybe that’s why our government is becoming a “nanny state”; people just aren’t smart enough to care for themselves or their abandoned children.

  10. Ghostsouls says:

    This will be obama’s next obama care ad: “A poor working father, with no insurance for his young chid, resorted to taking matters into his won hand, when his wife told him, they could no longer afford a doctor to treat his son, who had broken his arm. Using a circular saw, to take the cast off his son, that the doctors and hospitas refuse to remove without insurance, he accidentally cut off his son’s finger. This is just one more prime example o9f how obama care would have helped this poor family.” just like his announcement that his white mother had to argue with insurance companies daily, because they didn’t want to pay for her cancer treatment, saying it was a pre-existing condition, which is a bold faced LIE. A woman who is writing a book about obama’s mother, had papers and notes handwritten by his mother, and it proves his mother DID have insurance, they were NOT disputing any of it, and her employer even rushed to her side in the hospital, and took care of her car expense and paid for her house. So, this is just another example of obama’s take on the big bad insurance company.

  11. Howard Camner says:

    I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt the boy because he could have done a lot more damage with that saw. That said, there is a Yiddish term called “schmuck”…

  12. eli says:

    shut up comments are stupid now and days your not there don’t judge unless your being judge how bout that

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      And yet ANOTHER brilliant, articulate comment. This one is especially interesting because you can’t really tell if it’s one statement, or just a bunch of random words strung together like an internet “Scrabble” game.
      Eli, dude, do yourself a favor. Go get your G E D !

      1. Chris says:

        BJ McLaughlin, you should try finding yourself a boyfriend. You might not have no much internet rage if you do.

  13. BJ McLaughlin says:

    “might not have no much”. Brilliant, Chris. You are a poet

    1. Chris says:

      Yes I hit the n button in place of the s but your still sad and alone.

      1. BJ McLaughlin says:

        Actually I’m quite happy, with lots of friends and family. You however seem a bit obsessive. I made a comment, like everybody else. That’s my prerogative. Feel free to do the same. If that includes making childish remarks directed at me, well then, knock yourself out. Have a nice day !

      2. Chris says:

        Its true my remarks are fairly childish but you can want to look at yours as well.

  14. BJ McLaughlin says:

    OK, you’ve got a deal. I WILL in fact “can want to look at” mine as well.
    Please continue “having a nice day”.

  15. RandomAsian says:

    LOL NIce job catching all those grammar mistakes. Also btw I love your comments, so entertaining.

  16. AndrewJ526 says:

    This is just another convincing argument that everyone should have affordable healthcare.
    The father would have been able to afford taking his son to the doctor to properly remove the cast, rather than save on the medical expense and try doing it himself.

    But honestly, I’d have no problem with the father being convicted and sentenced to an immediate death. The world can only be a much better place with fewer idiots like that.

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      Andrew, I appreciate what you’re saying, so I’ll tell you about my experience with some people and “AFFORDABLE” health care. I own a business and GAVE FREE health insurance to employees after two years of employment. The VAST majority of those people refused to use it when medical care was required. Wanna know why? They didn’t want to even come up with the $10 or $20 COPAY! They KNEW that if they went to the ER and said they had NO money, they wouldn’t be charged. And THAT’S what’s wrong with the system, and why the parasites are crippling the country.