Yes…this is going to be a RANT! As serious journalists (and there are many of us) we strive to always be professional, unbiased, truthful…the list goes on.  We are here to bring you the fact and hopefully some insight into the stories going on around us.

I’m in Orlando right now covering Casey Anthony being released.  When you look at the facts of this case, it’s gut wrenching, the remains of 2 year old Caylee were found decayed in a watery, wooded area not far from her home.  Her mom, Casey did not notify anyone for a month that her daughter was missing and was seen partying all over Orlando.  She was found not guilty of murder, manslaughter, abuse…nothing involving hurting her child, but the jury found she lied to investigators.  OK…we’re all caught up.   After that, this whole case just gets more and more bizzare from day to day.

I saw a lot of behavior from “TV personalities” or “tabloids” that made this into even a bigger circus, not to mention some of the people following the case, fighting for seats and completely misbehaving outside of the courthouse.

What really got me was early this morning, while speaking to the journalists who served as pool reporters/photographers inside.  They stood in front of their peers, doing a great job, explaining what happened inside as Casey was leaving.  Then, one “reporter”  and I use the term lightly, would not stop asking, “What was Casey wearing?”  “How was her hair?”  “Was she wearing tight jeans?” “What color was her shirt?”  “Are you sure it was pink, not red?” And then she asked again, “So the jeans were tight?”  REALLY??!!  I’ve never seen the person before, I don’t know who she works for, but if that’s the biggest issue she found out of all this, that’s sad.

It’s no wonder we get a bad rap.  Just keep in mind, when you hear “reporters” or “journalists” ask questions like that, chances are, they’re not reporters at all, they’re tv or tabloid personalities who should not try to pass themselves off as serious news gatherers.

Rant complete!  Carry on.


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