MIAMI ( – Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado unveiled his 2012 budget that has to fill a $54 million deficit. In order to fill the hole, Regalado proposed to furlough the city’s work force for more than a month, according to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald.

Police and firefighters wouldn’t be exempt from the furloughs. The furloughs would come despite firefighters and police have seen their salaries cut by as much as 20 percent in the last year. According to the Herald, the police union said the furloughs would equal an 8.5 percent wage cut.

According to the Herald, city manager Johnny Martinez said the budget proposal is only a blueprint and that city commissioners would have to make the final decisions. Martinez said the furloughs would save roughly $19 million.

The furloughs aren’t the stop to the belt-tightening. Regalado’s budget calls for 372 positions to not be filled, including 63 police jobs, according to the Herald. Regalado also is counting on more money from red-light cameras, despite many communities giving up on them as any sort of revenue generator.

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  1. Catherine Catala says:

    And probably all this is being done so we can build ANOTHER Sports Staduim. It really disgusts me to see what a mess our County leaders have done to for us to suffer for. No one even wants to come to Miami anymore. It is pretty much OFF the tourist lists. All these leaders need to wake up.

  2. NOMERCY55 says:


    1. bobbyb says:

      God forbid that they might prevent an accident. In Miami, the rule is that when the light turns red – only 6 more cars can go through.

  3. IJVsr says:

    “Miami Mayor Seeks To Furlough Workers For Nearly 2 Weeks . . .” Okay, that’s less than a day a pay period (26 pay periods in a year). It should start with the city manager and his staff; then all department heads and their respective exempt staff. That should make a difference, eh? By the way, is it “Nearly 2 Weeks” or “more than a month?” Get your story straight! Coincidentally, Catherine Catala, Regalado was an ardent Stadium opponent.

    1. cbs4lisa says:

      It should have read “Nearly 22 Days” which is more than a month (in work days). It has been fixed.

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