TALLAHASSEE (CBS4)- Florida Democrats criticized Republican Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday because he’s planning a vacation out of state, while he’s talked in the past about the need to boost tourism in Florida to help the economy.

Scott told reporters on Thursday that he plans to be fishing in Montana next week, his first real vacation since taking office in January. The state Democratic Party later Thursday sent around a video reminder of an ad that Scott appears in for Florida tourism, urging Floridians to help out by inviting friends and families to vacation here.

“Let’s all pitch in for our state and for our people – let’s create more Florida tourism,” Scott says in the ad.

Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Eric Jotkoff said the two things didn’t add up.

“Now after wasting our money on these ads, Rick Scott has some nerve to announce his first vacation as governor will be outside the Sunshine State,” said Jotkoff. “Visit Florida should immediately take these ads off the air and Rick Scott should apologize for treating Floridian’s money like his own political slush fund.”


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Comments (4)
  1. Howard Camner says:

    The rest of us would like a vacation too. but we can’t afford it. Hear me Scotty, you alien you. I have proof that you’re from another planet pal.

  2. Blake E. Davis says:

    Normally I would agree, but for this guy, it’s best to let our State House air out wile he’s gone. I’ll feel better just knowing this carpet bagger is OUT of the State even if just for days. Watch the plants bloom, rains fall, and economy prosper in the day’s he’s gone. He’s like “King Midas in Reverse”

  3. Hugh McNeil says:

    Didn’t he send Floridas High Speed Rail money to some other state too by refusing the stimulus which willl still cost Florida Taspayers and benefit none of them.

  4. pat says:

    bet this is how Scott charges his vacation to the State of Florida as a business trip