Increase Safety; Don't Make Money

MIAMI ( – Red light cameras were supposed to be a combination of watchdog and cash cows for cities that installed them. But, it turns out that cities like Miami which counted on millions in fines are out of luck.

According to Bloomberg News, Miami is planning to layoff some workers at least in part because the city counted on roughly $10 million in fines from red light runners. Instead, drivers caught on to where the cameras were and fines plummeted.

Instead of the $10 million the cameras were expected to bring in, the projected revenue is set to be less than $2 million, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado told Bloomberg.

Regalado said the cameras worked, “too well.” Miami blamed the visibility of the cameras and news coverage for a 25 percent reduction in accidents and lower revenue.

But it’s not just Miami that fell into the trap of traffic cameras.

Bloomberg found that the state legislature, which approved traffic cameras last year, received $159,000 in donations to legislative candidates and committees in 2010. That included $64,500 in donations to the Republican Party and $37,500 to the Democratic Party, according to Bloomberg.

Currently, several municipalities are suing over the red light cameras. Still, other communities continue to install them and regard them as vital public safety components.

Comments (6)
  1. Mark Cordoba says:

    “Regalado said the cameras worked, “too well.” ”

    Proof that it was always about the money and not safety

  2. johnny angel says:

    you don’t something for nothing chumps

  3. Jimbo99 says:

    Love it, I did my best to inform everyone I knew to make this fail. And I’m still imposing economic sanctions on the community where I got my first and only. Mine was a rolling right on red where the garbage truck in front of me blocked my view of the light. Anyway, that intersection has a protected left arrow as I went around the corner less than second after the light changed. Funny, there were 2 other cars that went thru the intersection that probably triggered the camera. Anyway my fine was before the State of FL legalized them retroactively, $ 129 later, that is the only money I have spent in that community in the last year and a half. Enjoy it, because it’s the last of anything I spend there. They are Iran as far as I’m concerned. That works better than anything else I know of.

    1. Chucky says:

      Way to go, Jimbo.

      …and you gotta’ love lander’s comment! LOL*

      But, like yours, over 90% of the business written is for the parenthetic right-on-red, so-called infraction. And who calibrates the cameras, and who gers a piece of the action?

      The company that installs the camera system to begin with, that’s who.

      That. to me, sounds like a conflict of interest at the outset.

  4. Phil Landers says:

    I avoid them by going through the intersection sideways at 120mph.

  5. I have to admit, I did get caught by one of these red light cameras…I also admit I was wrong…But after that I dicided to avoid shopping in that area altogether. Another example of mis-guided political hacks who think they know everything but know nothing.