MIAMI ( – The much ballyhooed Florida prescription-drug database is set to being operating in September and October, according to the News Service of Florida.

Once the database is up and running, doctors and pharmacies that dispense controlled substances, like hydrocodone or Xanax, will have to start reporting information to the state on September 1.

While the reporting period will start on September 1, doctors and pharmacists can’t use the system until October 17.

Legislators originally approved the database in 2009 as Florida’s prescription drug epidemic was beginning to be publicized.

“I think it sends a message we are following you we know who you are and if you are complying,” said Attorney General Pam Bondi.

The database was opposed by Governor Rick Scott on privacy grounds, but he and some current legislators backed off the opposition in the spring.

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Comments (7)
  1. Chucky says:

    “The database was opposed by Governor Rick Scott on privacy grounds…”

    Yeah, privacy, what happened to that kind of confidential relationship?

    I thought this kind of stuff was a private issue between a patient and their doctor.

  2. mike williams says:

    Just one more step towards government control of every aspect of our lives!

  3. Alex says:

    this is to prevent doctor shopping and drug seeking behavior. other doctors will be able to see if a patient is already being treated for pain, this is not big brother.

    A Doctor

    1. mike williams says:

      Yes, doctors may but allowing the gov’t to be involved is just another step in the downfall of freedom in this country! I would presume you sir are not from this country and cannot fathom the consequences of this law.

  4. Cell Therapy says:

    It seems as if the Junkies do not want other people to count their pills.

  5. Judloved says:

    Hydrocodone is the most popular opiate analgesic that is useful in curing chronic pain to reasonable. Though it cure pain in less time, an overdose of it can lead to dependence which is a serious disorder. Many persons who have used for reducing pain have ended up becoming dependant on the drug hydrocodone. Findrxonline says on its website that If any of you are alarmed that you will become addicted to the drug, you can go through the following FAQs which will help you in identifying signs of addiction so that you could take corrective actions or join to rehab centre that will ease your fight against this problem.

  6. Wm. White says:

    I am a contractor that does alot of work for doctors. both offices and homes.I think it should be private what I need med. and treatment wise as long as it doesnt hinder my abillity to do my job. I have a feeling now that all this information floating out there is deffinetly going to effect how people look at me. This is giving doctors and THEIR STAFF to much unneaded information that I know will leak out …….So much for doctor/patient (+staff ) privacy….

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