MIAMI (CBS4) – A little over a week after barely surviving a heat stroke; Popeye, a 110-pound English bulldog, has quite a spring in his step and didn’t even have to eat any spinach to get that way.

Popeye collapsed after running next to a man riding a bicycle. Witnesses and paramedics rushed to help the dog survive. Dr. Joshua Storm at Imperial Point Animal Hospital said Popeye was at death’s door.

“Unfortunately heat strokes are very serious and a life threatening emergency,” Dr. Storm said.

The vets at Imperial Point worked tirelessly to bring Popeye back from the brink, but worried that the dog wouldn’t make it.

“Dogs can’t sweat the same way that we do,” Storm told CBS4’s David Sutta. “They have to pant to blow off their heat. And when they get overheated their bodies can shut down and that’s exactly what was happening to Popeye.”

Popeye’s story inspired a community to help Popeye recover. When Bryan Facterman heard about the dog he offered to foot the bill.

“I figured let’s fight for him; let’s help him out,” Facterman said.

In the end the bill was picked up in part from CBS4 viewers who saw our report on what happened. Donations poured in and some of them blew Bryan away. One woman offered over a thousand dollars.

“She called in, she had just received a $1300 commission from a house she sold; she was a realtor, she called up and donated the $1300 dollars,” Facterman said.

John Abbuha was so moved that he donated food and a few fun things to play with.

“They give us so much unconditional love to think that anybody could do that is just… you take a step back and say wow I would never want that to happen to any one of mine,” Abbuha said.

Popeye is now living with Bryan and expected to be just fine.

“He’s really just a sweetheart; a gentle giant,” Facterman said. “He swims. He’s been in my pool. He does not want to come out of my pool. I’m not sure what kind of life he had before I got him but he’s going to live a long happy life.”

Imperial Point Animal Hospital has actually started a fund now to help animals that come in like Popeye and help them survive.

If you would like more information on the fund click here, or call Imperial Point Animal Hospital at 954-771-0156.

Comments (3)
  1. mamaolgie says:

    What a great story… a community coming together to help an abused animal. I tell ya these are the heart warming stories that we should be able to read every day. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world?

    What great heros those that could afford to and did step up to the plate. I’m sure Popeye thanks all you kind folks.

  2. Phil Landers says:

    Its an American Bulldog and this is a very nice thing that has happened. 😎

  3. Vicki says:

    It’s great to see people who love dogs in the same way as I do. I just wish whoever did this to him, will be touched by Karma