MIAMI ( – The United States Postal Service is in dire need of money and have turned to Congress, including South Florida Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, to help get its financial house in order.

Specifically, the USPS wants Diaz-Balart and other Congressional members to allow the postal service to stop making a federally mandated pre-payment to its pension fund and let the postal service determine the frequency of mail delivery, among other issues.

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The USPS said it’s in a “dire financial predicament” despite recent downsizing and increases in costs of stamps and other postal services. If Congress doesn’t act, the USPS said it can’t meet the $5.5 billion pre-payment due by September 30.

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In addition, the USPS said that a cash shortfall is imminent and that “the Postal Service is facing the real prospect that it will not be able to meet payroll next (fiscal) year, thus disrupting mail delivery.”

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But as Congress struggles to enact steep budget cuts, it remains to be seen whether the USPS’ requests will fall on deaf ears.