Watch The Debate Saturday Morning On News & Views At 10 a.m.By Jim DeFede

MIAMI ( – Early voting for the Miami-Dade County Mayoral race ends Saturday, but both candidates made one final appearance together in a debate at CBS4’s studios Friday.

And while a television studio is often cold; it was especially icy as Carlos Gimenez and Julio Robaina sat down for the debate, which will air on News & Views Saturday morning.

In the final debate of the Miami Dade mayoral campaign, Julio Robaina said he opposes domestic partnership benefits for gays and would support repealing a county ordinance granting those rights to county employees.

“If there is a move by the county commission to repeal the ordinance and that is approved then I will look at it and study it as mayor of Miami Dade County,” Robaina said. “And if the commission by majority had approved it, I would most likely approve it.”

It was the first time Robaina made his views clear since the campaign began.

And while the question was focused on benefits for county employees, Robaina’s position raises additional questions about his willingness to repeal the county’s Human Rights Ordinance, which establishes protections for gays against discrimination on a variety of fronts, including housing and employment.

Robaina’s oppponent, Carlos Gimenez, said during the debate that he voted in favor of domestic partnership benefits when he was on the commission and if the county commission tried to repeal those rights while he was mayor he would veto it.

Asked if he believed people were gay by choice, Gimenez said, “People are just people. I’m not about discriminating against anybody. Is it a choice? It’s what people are. People are what they are.”

Asked the same question, Robaina said: “Look, I’m not here to determine people’s sexual preference.”

Earlier in the debate, both sought to paint the other as being wrong for the top job in Miami-Dade County.

“I have not been a lifetime bureaucrat; I have been an administrator in the private sector and in the public sector,” Robaina said.

And as Robaina painted Gimenez as being directly linked to former Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Alvarez, Gimenez was quick to point out the differences.

“The last three budgets Carlos Alvarez budget proposed, I opposed,” Gimenez said.

But that didn’t stop Robaina from attacking Gimenez for what he said was poor leadership from Gimenez.

“There’s been a lack of leadership from the county commission; Carlos Gimenez has shown none,” Robaina said.

But as the debate shifted to creating jobs in the county, Robaina echoed Governor Rick Scott and the Tea Party’s ideology on getting rid of regulations to bring businesses into the area.

“We’ve got to create the process so that when businesses come here, they’re able to open quickly, without the red tape, without the bureaucracy that has existed,” Robaina said. “It’s about making the process simpler so that those businesses want to come here.”

Gimenez pointed to the Miami Marlins stadium as being a key element as to why Miami-Dade County’s unemployment is high and why the county government is facing massive deficits.

“We have to expand the Miami Beach Convention Center to bring more business to it,” Gimenez said. “We would have had more money for that stadium had there not been Miami Marlins stadium deal, which Mr. Robaina supported.”

Both candidates refused to support giving money to give the Dolphins to improve their stadium in order to bring in future Super Bowls.

The candidates got into a testy exchange about Robaina’s salary cuts to rank and file workers, and fought over Carlos Gimenez’s pension from his time as a fire chief.

To hear about those issues and many others, tune into News & Views Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

Jim DeFede

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  1. Sabra brea says:

    Just FYI. I will not vote in the mayoral election! Both are TOTAL crooks!!! All they care about is the Latin vote, native Americans, “gringos” they could care less about us. They are interested in money and power and both have shady pasts. What a shame these are my only choices!! And the robo call torture? Don’t get me started on that. Whoever wins, we lose,just like Raul Hernadez in Hialeah. The people there love him and don’t care how crooked he is! Totally mind boggling. The more corrupt you are the more people vote for you!

  2. TwanTru says:

    Which one of these gents is going to step up to the plate and address the overflow of people who come here with no papers and take jobs, pay no taxes, use up the social services and send $$ to other countries.

    This county and this state is suffering unemployment big time.

    Which one is going to address the issue?


  3. The Truth says:

    Twan, you are so misinformed. These people with “no papers”, as you so eloquently state it, do in fact pay just as much in the way of taxes as any American. What you fail to understand is, that they are working with false SS# and are being withheld their share of taxes. The only difference is that they don’t ask for a refund. The Feds know this, and it is why they claim to want to stop illegal immigration but do very little about it.

    And don’t forget, they pay tolls, gas taxes, sales taxes, pay rent, pay money orders to send back to their native countries, and shop for everyday items. They buy things, thus generating income to companies that in turn pay THEIR share on profits from these immigrants.

    Do you really think that if they were free loading here, that the Feds wouldn’t do a round up at Home Depot and raid homes the house 15-20 men living together to make ends meet in Homestead? Wake up and get informed.

    How many American born people in ghettos, trailer parks and government housing are really living off the system without putting anything in?

    1. RandomG says:

      bro you are way too angry

      and you call yourself “The Truth”


      your theories don’t make sense – I do agree that it would be nice if everyone could just get everything free but someone has to pay for the free lunch (and breakfast) that these people’s children eat I’m the public schools every day

      someone has to pay for the billions of $$ of emergency room visits

      I think twan is referring to the money this country loses to the day jobbers

      but the cost is far deeper

  4. mAYOR HERNANDEZ says:



  5. Julio De Castro says:

    The elected Mayor have 18 month to prove to the voters he can muster, If he don’t he is out. I checked both candidate records and found out the best choice is Julio Robaina.