HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) – Hollywood residents Grant and Sandra Einhorn are suing their neighbors, the Kohn’s, to remove the chickens from their yard.

The Einhorn’s say the chickens are noisy and wake them up.

“It’s squawking and it’s at sunrise, sometimes, prior to,” said Grant Einhorn.

“The worst part is the noise, it’s just loud and we don’t like being woken up by chickens,” said Sandra Einhorn. “Just the pitch of it and the fact you can hear it through the hurricane windows, it’s irritating.”

Hollywood does have ordinance prohibiting residents from having poultry at their homes and the Kohns are being fined $250 dollars a day.

But Steve Kohn says his chickens are pets and that his family is often misunderstood because they are Arab Jews.

“They desire not to live next to us and will use any means at their disposal they can,” said Kohn.

The dispute has escalated.

The Einhorns showed CBS4’s Joan Murray home video of Renee Kohn heckling Grant Einhorn down the block.  In another video, Renee Kohn was seen jumping on the Einhorn’s car.

“My wife was having a nervous breakdown that day,” explained Steve Kohn.

He says the numerous police visits to their house,  and the Einhorn’s calling Department of Children of Families on them has caused his wife to lose it.

On another video, several of the Kohn children dressed in menacing black are seen parading in front of the Einhorn’s home.

Hollywood Police have been to the Kohn home dozens of times.  Recently they executed a search warrant seizing computers, phones and camera equipment.

The lawsuit over the chickens is headed to court.

Meanwhile Sandra Einhorn says she just wants some peace and quiet.

“I don’t care how they dress, what their front lawn looks like and I don’t care how they practice their religion,” said Einhorn.  “I care [that] their animals wake me up and I care that my husband and I and are families are being harassed.”

Comments (6)
  1. Phil Landers says:

    Chickens are very noisy and the Kohn’s look mental.

    1. alicia4739 says:

      of corse theyre mental you would to if some one tried to take your kids away because they dont like your pets, if some one g-d forbid did the same to me i’d go mental and more

  2. Hector says:

    i will let Grant and Sandra use my Daisy BB gun…
    Yhat will end their problem…

  3. Eddie0 says:

    Nothing that a nice big fricase wouldn’t fix/ 😀

  4. Jane Doe says:

    Another example of people using discrimination to keep breaking the law. If you are Jewish as the claim to be then they should know better. Rather than behave in the manner they do they should sit down and study the Torah.
    The city of Hollywood should go after them for the fine money they owe. The city is broke.

  5. Renee Leavy Kohn says:

    If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
    — Malcolm X

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