AVENTURA (CBS4) – If you have kids, you’ve probably felt that heart-stopping moment when you realize you can’t find your child. In those early minutes, that’s when parents often scramble to provide police with photos and other crucial information.

Now, there’s a high-tech but inexpensive tool that can provide police important information in seconds but only with the help of parents.

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Sonia Harrison has a 14-year-old daughter and like most parents Sonia is concerned about her child’s safety so she uses the Amber Stick.

The Amber Stick is fairly new concept in the fight against missing children. Fitting on a key chain, the Amber Stick is a USB device that stores photos, personal and physical information, medical data and other information about a person which can be instantly sent to the Amber Alert system.

If your child ever goes missing, just give the Amber Stick to the police making it easier and faster for them to track your child’s location.

“So you always have this on you and when a police officer comes, most have a laptop in their police cruisers, in about 10 to 15 seconds they have all the information right there in front of them,” said David Alkoby, inventor of the Amber Stick.

David, a technology guru, invented the Amber Stick when he first became a father.

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“I’m a calm person for the most part, but when it comes to my child I can be a little paranoid,” Alkoby admitted.

For new mom, Jessica Jimenez, the Amber Stick is another way to baby proof her life.

“I don’t think you realize how much you’re going to worry until you have a baby. And these days you can’t take enough precautions to keep them safe,” Jimenez said.

Jessica also works at a pre-school where plenty of parents share the same worries.

“You hear from parents day in and day out how they are always trying to keep their kids safe and always looking for new ways to have something available,” Jimenez said. “Knowing that you have something has all his info and photos gives me that sense of peace.”

The software is aimed at missing children, but it can be used for adults who might wander off, such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. There’s also a pet mode.

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The Amber stick costs $49.95. For more information, go to www.Amberstick.com