MIAMI ( – Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor made his first public statements since bringing down the program and expressed remorse for his part in the scandals surrounding the OSU program.

“I never meant to hurt anybody by my conduct off the field,” Pryor said. “I’m sorry to the coaching staff and sorry to my teammates, and all of Buckeye nation.”

Pryor, and other Buckeyes, have been implicated in getting paid for memorabilia sales and taking free tattoos in exchange for other items. The NCAA is currently working on their case and the school could be hit with major sanctions.

The trouble in the Buckeyes program cost Jim Tressel his job as head coach of the OSU football team. It could have other impacts that bring down the athletic director. But Tressel was Pryor’s biggest supporter and the former quarterback apologized to the head coach.

“I apologize with all my heart (to Jim Tressel),” Pryor said. “I apologize for taking you out of a job and a place where you love to be.”

Pryor also said that he will be entering the NFL’s Supplemental Draft, whenever that can be scheduled.

Pryor made his comments at a press conference scheduled by his new agent, Miami-based Drew Rosenhaus. While Pryor made the initial comments, Rosenhaus took over trying to sell teams and fans on Pryor and refused to let Pryor answer any questions from the press.

“He’s a young man here today expressing remorse,” Rosenhaus said. “He’s responsible for the mistakes he has made. No excuses here, there’s no point in him looking back.”

Rosenhaus went on to say that Pryor will be “a great quarterback in the National Football League,” and that he would make comparisons to Cam Newton all day long.

But Rosenhaus dropped his biggest bomb when he said, “I expect him to be a first round pick in the supplemental draft.”

No one outside of Rosenhaus has given Pryor a grade higher than 4-5th round at best. Some scouts have even said that at this point in the evaluation, Pryor is a 6th or 7th round selection. He will go higher than that more than likely due to his pure athleticism and size, 6’6”.


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