I am in Nerd Overload today!! I got to watch the Lufthansa A380 land today in Miami.  It’s the world’s largest passenger plane.  It’s incredible to watch that huge aircraft move around.  It takes 3 loading bridges just to get people on and off it.

I took a tour inside, that was pretty cool too.  We began on the first floor.  There are 420 economy class seats on that level.  Each seat has a television monitor and I’m told eat seat has 2″ more leg room.  I spoke to a guy who had to be 7 feet tall (I’m not kidding) who said, with all the emotion Germans are known for, “I was comfortable.”  That’s saying a lot coming from a very tall man who just sat for a 10 hour flight. 

On the second floor there are 98 business class seats.  Of course each has a television monitor, the seat recline to near flat beds that span 6’2″ and each seat has a massager!  How cool is that? 

In first class, there are only 8 seats.  There are two bathrooms, each is very large, including a dressing area, toilet and urinal.  There are no overhead bins in that area, instead, each person has a locker to store their belongings.  Each seat converts into a bed.  There is turndown service, where the flight attendant actual puts a temper pedic mattress over your flattened seat.  They even provide pj’s for each passenger.  You also have a wall that pulls out of your seat, so you get partial privacy. 

We checked out prices.  For a roundtrip economy ticket the price was about $2900 (I’ll bet you could shop around and find a cheaper deal) and first class was $18,000!!  Better start saving now!

To check out the video story go to:  https://miami.cbslocal.com/2011/06/10/world%e2%80%99s-largest-passenger-plane-lands-at-mia/

  1. ali baba says:

    So much for a downed economy$

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