So, it seems like burglars hit a new low.  Crooks smashed a sliding glass door at a home in West Park last Friday.  They ripped off electronics and jewelry…and the family dog!!

Kaycee, the Budd family’s 10 year old Lhasa/Bichon mix dog, never wandered from home before.  That’s why they think the crooks took her, hoping to get money.  What they probably did not realize is that the dog is not a fullbred and is older than she looks.  For the Budd’s there is no pricetag for Kaycee, she’s like a member of the family.

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Today when I was with the Budds, they showed me video of her surfing!  It’s incredible what dogs can do, even more incredible is how they enrich our lives.  I have dogs and I couldn’t imagine someone just snatching them or purposely hurting them.   For those of us who have cats or dogs, we understand how they really are an important, intregal part of the family.

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The family is offering a $1000 reward, no questioned asked.  Hopefully, Kaycee makes her way home safe and sound.  

Check out the video story at:

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