MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – CBS4 News has learned new details in the wake of a deadly Memorial Day police-involved shooting in the heart of South Beach.

Police opened fire just before 4:00 a.m. Monday, May 30th, when a driver got into an altercation with an officer at 18th Street and Collins Avenue and it wasn’t the driver’s first attempt to strike an officer.

“From the initial stop, there was an attempt to strike an officer with his vehicle and there was an attempt later on on Collins Avenue to strike two other officers that I’m aware off, at approximately 15th and Collins, and there was an attempt to strike two officers on bicycles somewhere down the 1300 block of Collins Avenue. So to the best of my knowledge at this point, a total of five officers were almost struck by this individual,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega.

Witnesses say someone in the car started shooting at officers and bystanders. Police fired back as the barrage of bullets was captured on home video by someone in a nearby building several stories above the chaos. The driver was killed, three officers were hurt, and four bystanders were shot.

This is a previous mug shot of Raymond Herisse from Nov, 28, 2010. (BSO)

CBS4 Investigative Reporter Jim DeFede has confirmed that the man killed in the car was Raymond Herisse, a man with a long criminal history and who has served prison time.

Law enforcement sources also told DeFede more than 100 rounds were fired by police including four Hialeah and eight Miami Beach officers. All twelve officers have been placed on administrative leave for discharging their weapons, according to sources.

It’s still unclear whether the gunfire that injured the innocent bystanders came from police or the suspect in the vehicle.

The injuries to the officers, two from Miami Beach and one from Hialeah, were not life-threatening. Those officers have not been identified.

A ninth Miami Beach police officer was also placed on administrative leave for discharging her weapon in a second shooting about an hour and 15 minutes after the first. In that incident, police say another driver accelerated toward an officer in a blocked-off area at 14th Street and Washington Avenue. The officer fired at the driver until he crashed into a police cruiser. No one was injured and the driver was arrested.

The chaotic shooting took place just as thousands of tourists were wrapping up a long Memorial Day weekend on South Beach for the 12th annual Urban Beach Weekend.

The violent end to the annual weekend now has Miami Beach commissioners debating restrictions on the future Memorial Day weekend hip-hops crowds.

Commissioners’ proposals include curfews, forcing an early last call for clubs and bars, and eliminating all traffic in the city’s entertainment district.

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Jim DeFede

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  1. The truth says:

    Ummm it’s called admin leave not fired like the article headline states.

    1. DumbTruth says:

      The article headline states the 12 Officers FIRED over 100 rounds not that the 12 offices got FIRED, you dumb butt!!

      1. Ahy-Yay-Yayyy! says:

        hehehehe. happy hump day. 🙂

  2. m says:

    “All twelve officers have been placed on administrative leave for discharging their weapons” And this is going to do what?

  3. Luis Bonilla says:

    This city is a Dump.

  4. mary says:

    Most ambiguous headline I have seen in a long time!

    1. mary says:

      Thanks for fixing the headline.

  5. Chucky... says:

    Yeah, and i don’t know what DeFede has to do with anything. The facts are what they are.

    …but 100 rounds?!

    Whew…! That’s a bit much!

  6. JimmyBoy says:

    Jim DeFede needs to lose a few hundred pounds. He’s on his way to the coffin.

  7. MrClean says:

    I was wondering what the stench was in Miami Beach last weekend. Ohhhhhh. Now it all makes sense.

  8. Nightstick Justice says:

    This Urban beach weekend needs to end. What else has to happen before the city stops it. It’s not a black thing. It’s a behavior thing. Stop acting like animals you idiots and behave and all cam have a good time.

  9. Chucky... says:

    ” It’s not a black thing. It’s a behavior thing?”


  10. Jane says:

    What I’m wondering is what does it mean to “almost hit” 5 police officers. Could someone please explain what was actually going on?

  11. Marie says:

    Thanks Florida REPUBLICAN politicians for being NRA puppets and gun laws never enforced and gun sales loop holes not closed.

    How any cop or mother with kids in the GUNshine state could vote Republican is beyond me.

  12. Marie says:

    Luis Bonilla

    This city is a Dump.

    I agree because the combination of countless useless ,self serving if not out right corrupt politicos and the NRA running the states republican party has been lethal for Miami citizens.

  13. Rick Simm says:

    I can see some range time for the officers. I wonder if they have ever heard of one shot, one kill. Then again, I wasn’t there.

    1. yokolee says:

      For next year S.B should use the US ARMY, just sayin’

  14. Mrethiopian says:

    “A ninth Miami Beach police officer was also placed on administrative leave” Your story says nothing about the 8 other officers put on administrative leave, could you please elaborate on this?

  15. CITIZENS says: