WESTON (CBS4) – A teenager is in critical condition tonight after the car he was in went off a road and into a South Florida canal.

The accident happened around 6:45 pm on U.S 27 near Griffin Road.

It’s not clear what led to the accident.

There were 5 family members in the car when it went into a canal, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

BSO said a man, woman and three people 17 years age and under were in the car. The relationship between the people in the car is not clear.

Investigators say everyone in the car was able to get out except the 17 year old.

“Our BSO divers went in the water and they were able to quickly retrieve this victim, pull him out of the water and initiate aggressive resuscitation measures while on route to the hospital,” said Mike Jachles, Broward Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson.

The teen and the other family members were taken to the Cleveland Clinic in Weston.

The other family members were treated for minor injuries, like cuts and bruises.

Investigators will sort out what caused the accident.

“BSO Traffic Homicide investigators will determine where they’re from, where they were going to and what led to this crash,” Jachles said.

Names of the people in the car have not been released.

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  1. sarah says:

    R This was a scary thing to see. I was trabeling 65mph on cruise control and seen a pack of cars coming up behind me pretty quickly. A lot of them were cutting through cars. Going maybe 75mph. About 1min later or less I seen brakes and I was wondering why everyone had hit the brake so hard. I seen grass in the road and ppl in feont of me were pulling over running into the woods. I then realized what had happened. I think somebody cut the car off and they swerved. The ppl that passed by me were driving wrecklessly. I pray for the boy who is in the hospital and have been all night. Ppl need to slow downnn!

  2. Me says:

    It’s really getting bad down here. Not that it already wasn’t. People were driving this weekend like they were driving a nascar race. People on the turnpike were constantly cutting me off, and I even witnessed three accidents. I try to just go the speed limit in the right lane, but that doesn’t help at all. If you’re not going fast enough for some people, they will cut you off in the shoulder. Miami is really becoming a third world war zone.

  3. MB says:

    I know a Trooper through family and I hear horror stories. A good percent of the accidents are caused by “undocumented” people with no insurance, license, and do not speak English. Either/and/or that or they have enough coke or alcohol in their systems to kill a horse. The cop I know is moving North because he can’t take the people down here any more. It’s getting to the point where I’m also ready to call my time in South Florida to and end and get the hell back up to the United States. Half the population down here don’t even TRY to learn English or appreciate the freedom of the country their in. Think I sound blunt, it’s true.

    1. sila vazquez says:

      Being that you are sooo American, why is your grammar and geography so pathetic? These days, being grammatically correc tshould be simple enough even for an illiterate like you. These Computers are equipted with “grammar AND spell check.” Oh, by the way, North and Florida both belong to the same United States!

  4. Mike says:

    Everyone I know who was born/raised Miami Dade is moving up North because of just this and the English language going extinct down here. People come here, don’t bother to learn English, and don’t appreciate the freedom of the country they are now in., then act like animals.

  5. Ralph Cramden says:

    Dear lousy drivers,

    Take a bus….

  6. Phil Landers says:

    I have pulled a lot of cars out of the canals near that intersection. Out of 4 people that got out and others none of them could get that kid out? I mean, considering they got themselves out.

    1. Me says:

      Yeah, save yourself, let the kid die. Typical attitude of many people down here. I would die for a child in a heart beat. God forbid, but just saying…

  7. Kat Reyes says:

    What does someone race or nationality, or the language which they speak have anything to do with the way they drive? English speaking people cause accidents too (in case you didn’t know). And if you are unable to appreciate the cultural diversity we have in South Florida, then your ignorance is only hindering you.

  8. Andrew H says:

    No,. the problem is the kids that use US 27 as a race track. Do not believe me go to the Sunoco on US 27 and Sheridan on a Wednesday or a Saturday. You will see a large number of them hanging out there as the night goes on they start drag racing up and down 27. The worse part is these idiots will pull out in front of a car or semi truck doing 50 to 65 mph and they will do 20 mph to get lined up so they can race, I have run up on them so fast a few time that I almost wrecked because I did not believe of they do not care about anyone else and I was doing the speed limit

  9. Sarah says:

    . I alwaWell, im actually using a cell phone with a touch key pad and its easy to mess up words.. No, my phone doesnt have spell check lol. But yeah, a lot of people pulled over and were helping. The police might have been there quick enough that the didnt need to do anything. I dont know but thats the only conclusion I came to. . Its sad to see something like this and then head down the road towards homestead near the casino. Ppl drive the same except it a one lane. I cant describe how fast this group of 6 cars came up on me. I got in the left lane just to avoid them. Ppl will go through any amount of risks to get around you, even if it means driving like a movie stumter. I have a 2yr old so it becomes fuaterating to be cut off or tailgated when im just trying to be safe for my family. Meanwhile I have a minivan tailgating with three young kids floating aroumd the backseat!! I dont get it!

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