HIALEAH (CBS4) — Hialeah Police have arrested the father and mother of a child who was found wandering through the streets all alone Tuesday morning.

The two-year-old girl, nicknamed baby Bella, was found wandering the streets at around 9:30 a.m. in the area of West 9th Ave and 74th Street in Hialeah. She was wearing a pink “Bratz” tank top and diapers.

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A family member who was staying in the apartment left early in the morning and left the door unlocked, CBS4’s Jorge Estevez reported. The girl wondered outside the apartment complex in Hialeah and was wandering the streets for up to two hours.

The child’ father, Carlos Aybar Oliveras, 31, was arrested and charged with child abuse and child neglect. Hialeah Police said welts were found on the little girl. The mother of the girl, Jessica Pinon, 23, was also arrested.

Police said the abuse only came to light after she was found wandering the streets.

Eyewitnesses Alex Chamorro spotted the toddler Tuesday morning near the apartment.

“I saw her today in the morning like around 7:40 when I was going to work,” an eyewitness said.

Chamorro said the girl was crossing the street.

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“I went into the middle of the road with my friend to stop the car,” Chamorro said. “She was crossing the street and the lady on the other side got the little baby because she was crossing the street alone.”

After receiving a 911 call, police arrived at the complex and found the girl’s parents.

“It was as much as a surprised to them to learn that their child was missing,” Carl Zogby of the Hialeah Police Department said. “Apparently, she must have walked out while they were asleep this morning.”

Detectives also brought the girls mother to the Hialeah police station for questioning. After a couple of hours they discovered what witnesses had seen was true.

“She as running around she was crying,” Chamorro said. “And I saw that part of her body was red, like, she got hit.”

Police said that Oliveras confirmed to physically striking the child.

“He admits that he disciplined the child who was misbehaving and he may have gone too far with the discipline,” Zogby said. “As a matter of fact, some of the markings on her body and the welts match the belt that he was wearing so that has been kept as evidence of the crime.”

DCF took the child into custody this morning and also took two other siblings, including a one-year-old sister and a three-year-old brother, from their parents’ care.

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The little girl is safe and in DCF custody, Estevez reported.