MIAMI – (CBS4) – To passersby, they were simply another couple walking the street.

But to a jilted, jealous ex-girlfriend, they were her target.

Miami police said 19-year-old Sanabria Leslie Shantelle was jealous to see her ex-boyfriend with a new woman and early Tuesday police say she tried to split them up using deadly force.

At about 2 a.m. Tuesday, police were called to West Flagler Street and 30th Avenue about a possible hit-and-run.

Police say Shantelle made a U-turn at that intersection to run over her former boyfriend Lazaro Crespo, 34, and his current girlfriend Olga Barrero, 19. The impact caused Crespo severe head trauma and a broken leg, while Barrero suffered minor cuts and bruises, police said.

Early reports suggested a 1993 Toyota Camry had struck two pedestrians and fled. But an investigation revealed that the two pedestrians were a couple and that the woman behind the wheel was the man’s ex-girlfriend.

Shantelle is now in jail and is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

  1. bobbyb says:

    Let’s see- steal a car and run over 2 people because you are jealous. Sounds pretty normal….. I hope they keep this one locked up for quite a while.. Oh yeah, perhaps Mr. Crespo should find someone closer to his own age to prevent this from happening again.

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