The attorney for the family of slain teen Greg Smith told me today he believes there was supposed to be more security at Boyd Anderson High School the night Smith was murdered after a late-night talent show.

Smith and several friends were robbed just outside school property following the show.

Thursday, after jurors convicted Janard Orange of first degree murder, the attorney for Smith’s mom, Chavante Roberts said he is investigating the case for a possible lawsuit.

“We do know that their is a long history of crime at Boyd Anderson High School,” attorney Richard Ryles said. “We know there was a contract for security (at that event) and that that contract was not fulfilled.”

Ryles told me the contract called for 7 Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies to be on the scene providing security. He said only two deputies were there.

Ryles said he is investigating how the Broward County School District is “maintaining” the school.

As for the criminal case, Orange faces life in prison for the murder conviction. Another defendant, Terrance James, pleaded guilty to second degree murder and is prison for 25 years.

A third suspect — Korey Thompson — is wanted.


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