SUNRISE (CBS4) – Two South Florida police officers fatally shot a man who they say threatened them with a knife.

Gunshots rang out Friday afternoon near the intersection of Sunset Strip and NW 68th Avenue. Sunrise police report that the officers responded Friday afternoon to reports of a man saying he wanted to get himself arrested.

Witnesses initially told CBS4’s Joan Murray that two individuals were fighting near the scene when Sunrise Police got involved with the incident and the shooting occurred.

The officers talked to the man, who police say acted in an aggressive manner. One officer used a Taser to stun the man, but it failed to subdue him. Police say the man pulled a knife on the officers, who then opened fire.

The shooting left the man dead on the scene in front of the Sunrise Police substation on Sunset Strip.

As of 5:00 p.m., were at least a dozen police cars, a BSO mobile crime lab, Sunrise police’s mobile crime lab, and crime scene techs working on the scene surrounding the body.

Detectives recovered a knife at the scene.

Traffic was rerouted in all directions at the intersection.

Police have not identified the officers or the man who was shot.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending investigation of the shooting.

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  1. krigah says:

    I wouldn’t be surpised if this was a “death by cop” suicide.

  2. tireedofcorruption says:

    Why bother with a comment section if you are going to delete them the next day…What a waste of time especially when these officers seem to have been target practicing. Really effective way of dealing with an EDP.

  3. anonymous says:

    i literally live less than a block where the shooting occured wouldnt be surprised if the nigga knew the cops who shot him. thats how sunrise pd rolls

  4. manny296 says:

    Americans do not need all these police officers. There are way to many police officers wasting tax payers money… Law abiding citizens can protect themselves as the Constitution of United States dictates. The police force can be cut by 50% and this will save tax payers trillions of dollars across the board. It is more cost effective for citizens to protect themselves.