MIAMI (CBS4) – Former Dolphins tight end and popular South Florida sportscaster Jim Mandich died Tuesday night after a long battle with cancer.

Mandich, 62, announced in March of 2010 that he was diagnosed with a tumor on his bile duct and wouldn’t return to his talk show on WQAM. The tumor extended from the liver to the small intestine.

Mandich was drafted by the Dolphins in 1970 out of the University of Michigan. He was an All-American for the Wolverines and played eight seasons with the Dolphins. He’s a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and announced Dolphins games from 1992-2004 and from 2008-2009.

He is survived by his wife and three sons.

“Jim played football the way he battled cancer, head on,” said CBS4 sports anchor Kim Bokamper, who played football with Mandich.  “He wasn’t the biggest guy, but he was a pit bull. Never stopped. Never stopped going after you and that’s the toughness he carried with him throughout his entire life.”

The Miami Dolphins released a statement late Tuesday. It read, in part:

The Miami Dolphin organization today mourns the passing of Jim Mandich, a member of the Dolphin family both on and off the field for more than 40 years who left an imprint that was both unique and authentic. He was a popular tight end on the great Dolphin Super Bowl teams in the 1970s, playing for the club from 1970 through 1977. He was a member of two Super Bowl winning squads (1972, 1973), including the Perfect Season team, and three AFC Championship teams. After his playing career ended, Mandich embarked on a successful business and civic career in South Florida and became a beloved member of the Dolphin broadcast team for 17 years. His famous “All Right, Miami!” exclamation after exciting Dolphin plays became his hallmark catch phrase. His passion for the team was evident in every broadcast he did, and his unique on-air presence and personality captivated Dolphin fans everywhere.

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  1. David Starr says:

    Jim Mandich! Man of Integrity, charactor and inspiration! a rare commodity these days and a shining example of how to live life, treat others and a great life skills lesson for my son on what a man is! Like a wise man said often….”what do YOU stand for”…! Jim you have been a staple in my life since i was 8 years old, getting to watch you play, work with you and listen to you speak the virtues of decent life principles, thank you is not enough, like i heard you say a million times…. the pleasure has been all mine! thanks for everything! I love you Jim, David Starr

  2. James Mayes says:


  3. Wyatt says:

    Jim was a real class act. We have lost a great man.

  4. Murray Solom says:

    Murray Solom
    You will be really missed. The Dolphins broadcast will never be the same. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Its a said day in the sports world tonight

  5. Doug Dunbar says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Jim for a number of years at WPLG. I valued his friendship, and his boundless energy every time he came into the station. He was a shoot from the hip guy, who would always have great stories to share. He was a consumate professional, with a wit quicker than most, and God forbid you were at the pointy end of his jokes 🙂
    My guess is that right now, at the pearly gates, St. Peter really has his hands full, cause the Mad Dog has a few things to say. Prayers to Jim’s family. Rest easy my friend, rest easy.

    Doug Dunbar
    CBS11 News
    Dallas/Fort Worth

  6. Jeff says:

    ‘Dammit it’s a touchdown”
    We’ll miss you Mad Dog.

  7. W. says:

    Jim , you are in the hands of the Rapture now, I hoping, that one day we will meet again and talk about nothings, but laugh alot. You already know how missed you are…………………………………

  8. Jeff Moolevliet says:

    I LIKE DOUG HAD THE INCREDIBLE PLEASURE OF WORKING WITH JIM AT POWER 96 AND WQAM… A gentleman a scholar and just a phenominal person.. to just know him and be in his presence was an honor . and as a broadcaster, you became a better person for it.. Youll be missed terribly…. RIP Mad Dog!

  9. Tom says:

    I’m driving around with my windows down!!! Jim u will be missed….

  10. martha cruz says:

    God Bless, may you rest in peace . You were great, now you are with the lord.

  11. RLSquire says:

    I parked Jim`s car as a valet at Shula`s (that`s what he wanted us to call him not Mr. Mandiuch) he was down to earth and a great tipper.My prayers go out to his family.

  12. mike dardiz says:

    Mike Dardiz I have been a Giants fan and whenever we played the Dolphins you was one of the few Dolphin players that I actually did like to watch because you was like one of us, a player who would do what ever it took for the team to win. I listened to you constantly when you was on the air and enjoyed your commentary. You will be missed.

  13. Jeff says:

    Jim Mandich was one of the most honest & upstanding people I ever had the pleasure to meet and call a friend. His was an amazing family man and was all about giving back to the community. The inflection in his voice, along with his witty personality will be deeply missed at the Miami Dolphins, Touchdown club …Jim was passionate in all of his endeavors. “Mad Dog” has been a valued spokesman for my company for a number of years. You will be missed Jim!
    Jeff Malvin, Beverly’s Jewelers

  14. Jay says:

    Jim, You were truly an inspiration sir, we will miss you……Dolphin broadcasts will never be the same…my prayers and with your family….rest in peace.

  15. Richard says:

    Our prayers to his wife, sons, and family. RIP. You will be missed in this community.

  16. bill s says:

    Aw Right Jimmmmmmmmmmy

  17. sy says:

    Unlcle Neal is playing the “bits” on an endless loop in heaven for Jim. He will always be rmembered

  18. Scott/Bonnie Doyle says:

    You were always a gentleman on and off the field.Thank you for coming to Miami and staying here after you finished playing for the Dolphins….Somehow Sunday Dolphins games will never be the same….R.I.P. Maddog

  19. LLOYD says:


  20. Zander Brant says:

    Born and raised in South Florida i had the pleasure of growing up watching, and listening to Jim. But he became a true savor when I moved to North California a couple years ago. I had only Serious Radio to listen to the Dolphin games. He was such a great colorful character he made it more fun to listen to the game, than to watch it.
    I would sit in my car blasting the game while even the Raider, and Niner fans would come listen to the game just to catch Jim’s commentary. Even they would admit he was the best!
    “All Right Miami”!!

  21. steve rosenbluth says:

    I’m sad that mad dog is gone. He was a good man. The type of man that anybody could sit down and have a beer with. I propose a toast in honor of jim and that we all raise a glass, a tall cold one just like jim would want us to, and say…we miss you very much and we will always remember you each dolphins game by drinking a nice cold adult beverage.

  22. Carlos says:

    He will be trully missed. I”m sure if someone asked him how he’s doing now,he’d say “Never better!”

  23. Larry says:

    Great Miiiichigan Man, loved his Wolverines and Dolphins / South Florida. RIP Mad Dog and give Bo a hi-5!!!

  24. steve rose says:

    I would like for the dolphins to play a tape of Jim saying “ALL RIGHT MIAMI” after every score at the game and on the radio. I think we all would appreciate that and bring a smile to our faces.
    RIP Jim – we will all be joining you someday.



  26. Bob says:

    Simply put: He was the best!

  27. tiredofcorruption says:

    A true Dolphin legend…Rest In Peace. We’ll miss you.

  28. Mike M - Weston says:

    As Jim would say, “all right Miami.” He would want us to go on and win one for him.

  29. Rick says:

    Is 0215 in the morning and just read online about the Maddogs passing, very sad, I know Capt. Curtis is crying right now. Jim you will be missed and never forgotten, go ahead and drive with your windows down up in heaven, us company time sealing weasels will be having a few green lizards in your name, RIP Jimbo.

  30. Charles says:

    I big ALLLLRRRIIIGGGHHHHHTTT shout to the sky! Now you and Uncle Neil can broadcast together again. You will be missed

  31. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    R.I.P “Mad Dog”


    Condolences to HIS FAMILY

    We will miss YOU forever….

  32. Bruce Sabourin says:

    My friend Jimmy C. and Rick V. got to know Jim Mandich through being Dolphin fans and season ticket holders for years and going to many of the events that he hosted. When our friend Rick passed away several years ago and we told Jim, he said “Rick was a great guy”.He always had kind words to say. We would go to an away Dolphin game every year and he would always buy us a round of drinks. Jim, you were a great guy, a genuine guy, we loved your broadcasts and you will be missed greatly. It has been a pleasure to know you and rest in peace.

  33. Dsmoov1 says:

    We’re going to miss you, SON!

  34. mike w says:

    You were a good man jJm Mandich! you gave us excitement during your playing days with the Miami dolphins and your wisdom and knowledge of the game with your broadcasts and fun
    with your sayings and quips both on the field and on your broadcasts at WQAM.
    You are a man with HEART!! Football broadcasts will never be the same.
    My deepest condolences to the Mandich family and Jim will be missed. Jim i’m sure will be looking down and watching over the football games.Rest in Peace!

  35. Whiskey river Joe says:

    Mad-dog,we will miss you.A true dolphin,on and off the field.The best quote of Mad-dogs”.If Nick Saban walked in here right now,we’ed throw down”
    A mans man. We will miss you!

  36. Blanca Elena says:

    Jim was part of the “Perfect Season”………Mad Dog our household will keep your memory alive! …”Awwwrigth”
    Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and sons.

  37. MPF says:

    As a Jet fan, I am predisposed to dislike anything or anyone that has to do with the Dolphins. That being said, I listened to Mad Dog on the radio and found him to be a funny, intelligent, down to earth guy and I would have sat down with him for a green lizard any day. RIP Jim, wish more athletes today where like you.

  38. Jazz Rogers says:

    RIP Jim green lizards the perfect season. Jimmy Cefalo’s morning show is horrible. My thoughts are with you.

  39. Arthur Chopper says:

    No, you are an idiot sport-hole. There is freedom of speech. Go read a book and take a break from sports talk.

    1. Dave Castronovo says:

      Yea, deetroitballer is a loser that has nothing else better to do except be a sports-hole!!! He’s one more d-bag that occupies space in this community.

  40. Dave Castronovo says:

    This comment board is horrible!! I posted a message in remembrance to mad-dog and my comment got deleted because I wrote that he was the best thing on radio along with neil rogers yrs. ago compared with this republican right wing radio we have on the air and my comment got deleted by the right wing nut cases at CBS4. Great job CBS4!!!

    1. Dave Castronovo says:

      What language?? Because a citizen voices his/her opinion about the repuglicans on the radio and talking about neil rogers and that both were a legend. Meanwhile, people’s comments that contain the f-word, racial and other moronic nonsense comments are still posted….God Lord!!

  41. Ron W. says:

    The idea of the message board is to promote free-thinking ideas. Miami is more like Cuba, and the majority of Cubans are in Mi-Jami. Of course, any comments against right wing clan party will be deleated.Other people such as exiles and sports holes who have no brains whatsoever can vote if a comment is deemed inappropriate… give me a break buddy. This is the reason Miami has terrible schools, corrupt government, etc….

  42. AL DEREK-SHAN says: