MIAMI (CBSMiami) – If you’re a tax procrastinator who likes to file your tax return, by mail, at the last possible minute, you need to adjust your plans on tax day. In South Florida, you no longer have until Midnight on tax day to hand that return directly to Uncle Sam.

For as long as most people can remember, the US Postal Service has kept post offices open until Midnight so late filers could hand in their returns at the last second.

In recent years, the Postal Service has cut back the number of offices open until Midnight. Last year, a single office in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties was open until Midnight.

Monday, the Postal Service announced that in South Florida, that deadline will be cut back to 9 PM this year at the three offices where special drop-off lines will be available so you can hand the return to postal worker without leaving your car.


Other offices will be open later than normal without special arrangements.

If you want to file later than usual in Monroe County, you’re out of luck. No arrangements have been made to keep an office open in the Keys until 9:00.

The Postal Service has been cutting back on the traditional tax-day return drop nationwide, as electronic filing of tax returns has become more common, due in part to programs that let many taxpayers file electronically for free.

The free-filing lure is speedy refunds.If you file electronically, your tax refund can be in your bank in as little as 10 days. Refunds from paper returns can take weeks.


But if you’re still not convinced, the Postal Service has a few reminders for those choosing to mail their returns on the 18th:

  • If you drop the return off at a collection box or post office, mail as early as possible, and check the date of the last pickup. If you miss it, your return won’t be postmarked on the 18th.
  • Have the correct amount of postage on your return. Contrary to common belief, the Postal Service can return IRS mail if the postage is wrong, and then, your return would be late.
  • If your return is heavier than 13 ounces, your return may need to be handed to a clerk at a postal service counter. Check regulations at

This year, tax day is April 18th, due to an April 15th holiday in Washington DC.