MIAMI (CBS4) – They’ve studied, they’ve reviewed and they’ve taken practice tests.

For nearly two million Florida public school students it all comes down to Monday when the state begins to administer the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Over the next two weeks students will be tested on reading comprehension, math skills and science.

“No video games and last night they went to bed early,” said parent Randy Olsavsky.   His twin sons Matthew and Michael took the first phase of the FCAT Monday.

“It’s kind of a little harder but if you keep checking and underlining it will help,” said Matthew.  Their mom credits their teacher with getting them prepared.

Testing includes a writing test for students in grades 4, 8 and 10; reading and mathematics tests for students in grades 3-10 and a science test for students in grades 5, 8 and 11. During the test, teachers must cover all classroom walls, and students are not permitted to have any electronic devices on their bodies, including cell phones.

Their scores will be used to help determine their school’s success, teacher quality and whether they can advance a grade or receive a diploma.

“The anxiety that kids are feeling on the FCAT is normal,” said psychologist Dr. Fabian Redler. “This is not a test you need an “A” in. Do your best, it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

“The second thing is to remember they are better trained than any other test they may do,” Dr. Redler continued. “The next thing is to remember the is on the teacher rather than them.”

For schools, the stakes are high. Those that make big improvements on previous years will likely receive more funding.

Schools that perform worse could face sanctions, including adding remedial classes or, in worse cases, a takeover of the school by the state.

In addition, as the state transitions into a merit-pay system, teachers will face the grim reality of having to teach the test as much, if not more, than the regular subject material.

The start date of this year’s FCAT period was pushed back by lawmakers to give students more time in class to get ready.

Also this year, the reading exams and most math exams have been rewritten to meet new academic standards. While most FCAT exams are still administered on paper,  this year 10th grade students will take the math exams online.

This year Florida will begin moving away from the broad FCAT for high school students to an end of year exam.  This year 9th graders will not be taking the math portion of the FCAT.  Instead they will take the new Algebra 1 end-of-course exam in May.

Private and parochial school students are not required to take the FCAT.

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Comments (8)
  1. MiamiMex says:

    Just remember this is a test of “minimum competency” – if you can’t pass this one you need help.

    1. kel says:

      That is not true! This test does not even consider a child’s development level in it’s questions. These questions are abstract, but abstract think does not develop until adulthood! We are testing 7 year olds for hours and hours. This test has BELOW minimal educational value to our children.The only people in Florida who put any validity or value on this test is POLITICIANS. Get informed before you post otherwise you need help.

      1. beverly Darius says:

        I totally agree with you, the state of Florida should cancel this testing process!!!!

      2. Carlo says:


        Please enumerate your suggestions.

  2. B. Maya says:

    As a dedicated teacher, I resent the above comment, “. . . Dr. Redler continued. “The next thing is to remember the is on the teacher rather than them.” Even if we teach, train and motivate our students, if they don’t do their best and take the test seriously, there is not much we can do about it. Without some of the onus on the student and even the parent, there cannot be a fair judgment. I say this because I have seen students who are very capable not take these tests seriously. Accountability is necessary but it needs to be fair. We cannot rely so much on one test when students sometimes don’t understand its importance.

  3. TwanTru says:

    Dr. Redler a buffoon…………..

    1. Carlo says:

      I definitely agree with that.

  4. DrMallard says:

    Q: Why #2 pencils?
    A: Just think about the people who gave us this high-stakes testing policy, realize where their heads are, and it should be intuitively obvious.

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