OCALA – (CBSMiami.com) – If you smoke pot, it’s not unusual to get the munchies. Most people satisfy that with a bag of chips or some Twinkies. For Randall Roberts, it could have been donuts. Krispy Kreme. Almost 400 boxes of them, and the truck that carried them, police say.

Roberts, from Davenport in Central Florida, was charged by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department with Grand Theft of a vehicle and possession of less and 20 grams of marijuana after he was arrested Thursday in Ocala, driving a truck filled with box after box of soft, sweet  Krispy Kreme donuts.

Ocala police said they were called to an accident scene after two trucks clipped each other, and one driver thought his mirrors might have been damaged.

It was not Roberts who called for help, because according to the police report, the truck he was driving is owned by Gulf Florida Doughnut Distributing in Tampa. The truck was reported stolen from a Walmart parking lot in Haines City.

Police asked why the Roberts, 20, why he took the truck. He said he was tired, his feet hurt, and he needed some place to sleep.

Police looked in the back and found 388 boxes of donuts, and on the floor next to the driver’s seat, a bag of marijuana.

Roberts denied the pot was his, but he was still charged and as of Sunday, was still in the Marion County jail.

Police could not say if he had chowed down on any donuts.

  1. rausky says:

    Is this guy naturally stupid,or did his brainget hijacked!!

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