MIAMI (CBS4) – A teenage girl and her family are suing one of the biggest drug store chains in America over what she says happened in a South Florida pharmacy.

The 14-year-old girl says she was unfairly accused of shoplifting, and then she says a female CVS employee “dragged her” into a bathroom and held her there for three minutes.

“She kept on forcing me, like pushing me, toward the stall,” said the girl, who did not want to be identified because she said the incident was too traumatic. “I feel like the lady is there, and I feel closed up, like nobody cares what happened.”

It was January 1, 2010. The teen says she was looking for feminine care products. She says the CVS employee accused her of stealing pads and taking them into the bathroom.

The girl says she never stole a thing. Now she and her family have filed a lawsuit accusing CVS and the employee of false imprisonment and battery.

“If they thought for a moment that she was shoplifting, the appropriate thing to do is not to push her into a stall, but to speak to her and her mother after she exits the bathroom,” said the girl’s attorney, Spencer Aronfeld.

The girl’s mother says she urged store employees to call police. The police came.

“I had to show them that I didn’t steal anything, so I took out my pad,” said the girl.

The police report does not mention the teen’s claim that she was dragged and then held in the bathroom. The family agreed to pay for pads and the girl was given a “trespass warning.”

“I felt like nobody trusted me. They just kept blaming me say I was a thief even though I was trying my hardest to tell them to look at the cameras to see the truth,” said the girl.

CBS4 News spoke with that CVS employee over the phone on Friday. All she would say is, “this is ridiculous.”

CVS says it has not seen the lawsuit and cannot comment on the allegations.

Comments (11)
  1. BreAnna says:

    This happens more then you know…The camera’s should be proof, but most are just fake camera’s and they are nor seeing or recording anything..
    They humilated this teenager and they should NOT get away with any of it.

  2. ClaireB says:

    why did she pay for the pads if she didn’t take them?????

    1. cloonlington says:

      This happened over a year ago? Where is the video? I’m so confused.
      Why is this story? I don’t think this girl is being truthful.

  3. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    provide address and name of EMPLOYEE
    CVS where this happened.

  4. Craig says:

    WOW…this is a crazy story, but its very believeable considering some of the employees that cvs hires these days. Personally, I think the girl should not have been made to pay for something she didnt take, and as for the employee, they need to be fired, and then arrested and charged with assault and battery. I would be furious if it was my child.

  5. cloonlington says:

    I am stunned WFOR reported this story. Where is the proof?

    1. cloonlington says:

      Thanks for your response. Then why don’t you tell us the location? Why didn’t you give us the employee’s name? What is CVS’s policies for handling shoplifters? Why wasn’t the employee charged if this child was roughed up? Where’s the store video? Where is the comment from the police? Why did the family pay if the child was innocent? Why did they wait a year to sue? This is an exclusive???

  6. Laura Johnson says:

    And why did she not mention the bathroom incident to the police? I don’t know, but something fishy is going on!

  7. Darren Moraes says:

    I just do not believe this. As a parent, I would not wait over 1 year to sue if my child were treated the way they claim. Why did they pay for the pad and why did she not say something to the police. this is a money grab at the cost of consumers. They just want CVS to gie them cash. I am disappointed that CBS4 ran this as an exclusive story. This is not news. It is sensationalism.

  8. Herbert Rivas says:

    im sorry but you are incorrect . they did not wait for over a year and it takes a while to process the papers. she did say something to the police but it just was added into the report.

  9. AH says:

    The mother was there and she ‘urged’ the employee to call police. She should have called herself! False imprisonment for 3 minutes? Give me a freaking break! And the family paid for something they supposedly didn’t steal?!?! She’s lucky CVS didn’t press charges. Petty theft baby! Family just wants easy, fast cash. Hope judge throws this out.

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